AuSAE LINC Conference 2017 Session Details

Welcome to the schedule for AuSAE Leadership, Insights& Networking  (LINC) Conference 2017. Choose a conference day to see a in-depth look of the days activities:
    Sunday,  12 November 2017

    - Monday, 13 November 2017
    - Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Optional Pre-conference Workshops - AuSAE is pleased to offer a Workshop on Membership Value using Engagement Strategy. This will take place at Rydges Hotel Wellington. Optional and included in the conference registration.

     Sunday, 12 November  2017              Optional - Pre conference  IT Showcase    Rydges Hotel Wellington 

     2:00 - 4:30

    Pre-conference Workshop 
    Delivering Value to your Membership using Engagement Strategy
    AuSAE is pleased to offer a pre-conference IT Showcase. The workshops will take place at Rydges Hotel Wellington. These are optional and included in the conference registration.
    Increased engagement is a top goal all the studies tells us so. Has engagement become just a numbers game? How do you achieve engagement that is truly meaningful to your organisation?  While studies are good, proven best practices are better. join us as we explore the creation of and execution of an effective engagement strategy. Following this session you will be able to focus on creating a member engagement strategy that will guide all engagement efforts helping to achieve key strategic goals.  Case studies will be highlighted. (This workshop is only open to association / nfp professionals) 

    Presenter: Paul Ramsbottom, Managing Director, Advanced Solutions International (ASI) 
    Paul has worked with not-for-profit organisations for over 20 years and is passionate about helping notfor-profits to reach their goals and improve efficiency, through adopting new and innovative solutions. He is Managing Director of ASI AsiaPacific which has more than 600 not-for-profit clients in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Paul enjoys working everyday with great staff and great clients and is rewarded by seeing great things his clients do. He is passionate about the sector and contributes regularly at industry events and in publications. 

    Workshop Timings:
    2:00 p.m. Workshop start (Rydges Hotel Wellington)
    3:15 Afternoon tea
    4:30 p.m. Workshop finish

    6:00 - 9:00 Early Arrival Dinner 
    Join the early arrival's for a 
     group pre-conference  dinner. 
     This dinner is in an additional cost. 
     Monday, 13 November  DAY ONE                                                                                       SHED 6, Queen Wharf 

         Day One sessions are sponsored by The New Zealand International Convention Centre

    8:45 Conference Opening
     Ngahihi o te ra Bidois, the closing speaker of LINC16, is back to open LINC17, with some new leadership insights...
    9:15 Real Insight, Real Strategy, Meaningful Success  
    Keynote Speaker
     - Sue Lindsay 

    Sue Lindsay is one of New Zealand’s most successful business leaders and a pioneer among female Corporate Leaders. Her awards and accolades are many, including recognition as a Southlander of the Year, a New Zealand Young Executive of the Year and a World Young Business Achiever in Beijing, and that’s just some of the recognition received for this inspiring New Zealander’s dynamic approach to life, leadership and business.

    Sue’s journey has taken her from the family farm in Southland to a stellar corporate career including her role as the GM of one of New Zealand’s largest agribusinesses. Sue’s ‘dare to be different’ thinking transformed the traditional rural service company into a dynamic, customer experience driven organisation that is still recognised as being world class today. She is directly credited with leading a team and masterminding growth strategies that, in just five years, increased revenues for the company by more than 200%.

    Sue’s ground breaking research project The Feminine Perspective is impacting the way business thinks about leading diversity across the gender gap and positioning their business and brand to capitalise on the largest and fastest growing yet most misunderstood and underserved economy in the world … The Female Economy.

    Sue's story is highly inspiring - she is a dynamic, thought provoking and challenging speaker.

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    10:00 AuSAE Presidential Address 
    Graham Catt, Chief Executive Officer - Australian Veterinary Association 

    What’s your association’s Uber? A model for environmental scanning that will refocus your agenda on change and adaptation

     Speaker: Graham Catt, Chief Executive Officer - Australian Veterinary Association 

    Refocus your agenda on change and adaptation – a model for environmental scanning - The success, and in some cases survival, of our associations will depend on our ability to see over the horizon and adapt to change.

    We all understand disruption and know that we need to innovate. Yet the unfortunate reality is that many association leaders face inherent barriers to innovation, and business models that just weren’t built to foster creativity and change. So how can we help our members, boards,  and associations to adapt?

    Graham will outline a straightforward model to help you
         - Create an environmental scanning program
         - Embed scanning within your board agenda
         - Engage your staff and directors in the process, and
         - Link insights to strategy. 
    10:40 Morning tea and Exhibitor Showcase
    11:15 Where do you see your association in the next decade? And how will we get there...
    Panel Q&A session
    Facilitator: Phil Tate, Consultant Futurist – Totara Strategic Consulting
    From what we have heard from the first two sessions this morning, about Digital Strategies and Environmental Scanning programs, join Phil Tate, Consultant Futurist and three association Executive Officer's discussing where they see not only their association's, but helping assist the thought process of a better understanding of where we are all heading.

    There is no stronger facilitator than Phil Tate to help us all through this insightful session.

     Sponsored by: The New Zealand International Convention Centre
    12:00  Lunch and Exhibitor Showcase
    12:30 - 1:00 
    Dragon Speech Recognition
                                                                         Plenary Room 

    Speaker: Derek Austin, Dragon Business Manager, Asia Pacific
    How to put your voice to work to create reports, emails, forms and more with the
    Dragon Speech Recognition.

    With a next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology, you can now dictate and transcribe faster and more accurately than ever before, and spend less time on documentation and more time on activities that boost the bottom line.

    1:15 Key Shifts in Membership - Future Trends Impacting Associations Now
    Speaker: Belinda Moore, Director – Strategic Membership Solutions

    Seismic shifts are happening in membership. Attend this session to hear about the current global trends impacting membership organisations, the strategies being used to manage these, and the critical factors essential for future success. 

    Belinda’s up-to-date insights will give you the information and motivation to move forward successfully. 


     The New Face of Meetings
    Speaker: Jan Tonkin, Director - The Conference Company & President of the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO)
    With online content and online experiences readily available, a great conference needs to hone in on the difference between that online environment and face to face experiences.  It needs to be purposeful and transformative.

    Attend Jan’s session for a conversation about designing conferences that not only attract attendees but keep them active, interested and learning.
    1:50  Additional Revenue Streams - Deep Drive Part one 
     Facilitator(s): Richard Stokes, Executive Director and Tom Dunsmore, General Manager - Australian Boarding Schools Association
    Both Richard and Tom led a session at last year's conference, and with overwhelming feedback for more information from delegates, they have agreed to facilitate a deep dive interactive session. They will explore further how to increase revenue streams within your association. Part one focuses on workshops, events and increasing engagement at them.
    1:50 Surviving and thriving after a Cyber Security Breach
    Speaker: Deloitte Private
    Sponsored by: Deloitte Private

    2:30 Additional Revenue Streams - Deep Drive Part two
    Facilitator(s): Richard Stokes, Executive Director and Tom Dunsmore, General Manager - Australian Boarding Schools Association
    Both Richard and Tom led a session at last year's conference, and with overwhelming feedback for more information from delegates, they have agreed to facilitate a deep dive interactive  session.
    They will explore further how to increase revenue streams within your association. Part two focuses on how you look at partnerships within the corporate sector. 

    2:30  Professional Development and e-learning
     Facilitator(s): Richard Warren, Chief Executive Officer and Adrian Sallis, General Manager
     - Intuto

    New lower cost technologies are opening the door for Associations to provide value added services to members. This session will review a series of case studies focused on adding value using online learning technology and demonstrate how easily and quickly your knowledge can be shared both existing and prospective members.

    3:00  Afternoon tea and Exhibitor showcase
    3:30 Social Media Strategy - Overcoming the hype and focusing on the return on investment 

    Speaker: Miriam Dawson, Digital Communications Social Media Strategy

    As organisations are getting more tech savvy, sometimes overcoming the hype of social media can be daunting. Focusing on managing the risks and your reputation, ensuring that the social media platform you choose supports your long-term strategy. There is more to social media than simply measuring your reach and engagement.
    Key initiatives that will be covered:
     - Social Media – the risks you should consider before putting your reputation on the line. 
     - Does your social media strategy support your long-term strategy? How to make sure you’re getting the best ROI.
     - Measuring your ROI: Understanding the metrics behind the scenes and looking beyond reach and engagement.

    4:05  Leadership - First get your people to believe - Closing keynote speaker for the day
     Speaker: Laurie Sharp, Head of coaching and development - ASB Bank
     Sponsored by: ASB Bank

    5:00  Close of the day
    6:00 - 9:00  AuSAE LINC – WREDA Dinner with a Difference 
      Tuesday, 14 November  DAY TWO                                                                                       SHED 6, Queen Wharf 
    8:45  Peacock Phenomenon (Keynote)
     Speaker: Craig Johns, Chief Executive Officer - NRG2Perform
    Sponsored by: Tourism New Zealand

    As organisations go beyond their borders in the way they operate, conduct business and diversify their workforce, intercultural competency and an awareness of workplace cultures in countries other than their own, is becoming increasingly important.
    A global mindset is crucial to accomplishing key business building blocks such as communication, trust, persuasion and decision-making, which combined with culturally diverse workforces lead to greater innovation and creativity in the teams or organisations outputs.
    The Peacock Phenomenon will take you on a global cultural and communication journey, learnt through the most defining moments in my life, with many not coming through conversations but by silent observations during moments of the unknown, vulnerability and somewhat insecurity. 
     Who would you greet first in a lift in Thailand?

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    Anatomy of an Internal Fraud:  Lessons and Red Flags 
    Speaker: Lyn McMorran, Executive Director - Financial Services Federation Inc. 
    Having detected a low level but nonetheless concerning internal fraud on the part of a highly valued and respected member of the FSF team, Lyn will talk you through the circumstances of this particular scenario.  She will discuss the red flags that should have provided a warning and the lessons for NFP’s, industry bodies and small organisations.  She will also provide some insights into how to manage appropriate segregation of duties and what are appropriate policies and processes to avoid this happening to your organisation (with the benefit of hindsight!).
    Internal fraud is probably more common and expensive to small organisations than external fraud and Lyn will take you through the journey to a Police conviction giving you some insight into how long, time-consuming and distracting it can be.

    The session will cover what we learnt from the experience about:
         - Red flags that may alert you to a potential internal fraud situation in your organisation
         - Lessons to be learned and how to ensure something like this doesn't happen to you

    10:15  Morning tea and Exhibitor Showcase
    10:45 How to Grow and Diversify Your Membership Base 
    Speaker: Sarah Lang,Project Director- Infrastructure New Zealand

    The infrastructure sector is booming in NZ, and consequently the number one issue of concern for the industry is sourcing enough skilled workers. Infrastructure NZ, the peak body for the industry has recently established two networks, namely the Women in Infrastructure Network (WIN) and the Emerging Talent (ET) Network to address the shortage of talent across the sector and to address the 'pale, male and stale' stigma associated with an aging industry. 

    Sarah will share how Infrastructure NZ growing membership by: 

    • Increasing the diversity of its membership base
    • Increasing the visibility of women and the representation of women in leadership roles
    • Addressing the issue of succession planning
    • Fostering a greater understanding of the wider infrastructure landscape for tomorrow's leaders.


    The Political Climate - After the Election
    Speaker: To be announced

    11:20 Communication with members in the age of the APP. 
    Speaker: Brian MillerChief Executive Officer - Master Painters New Zealand Association Inc 

    The pro’s and con’s of moving from paper based communications to electronic formats. A practical overview of what MPA has done in this area in the last 24 months, the barriers to success and the advantages provided for industry partners and wider distribution of your message.


    Are Directorships My Next Career Move?

    Speaker: Linda Noble, Chief Executive, Governance New Zealand and Women on Boards
    Okay, so you’re a senior executive - is this where your career ends or is there a new direction that you could move into – directorships?  This session looks at what is good governance and why it’s important, how to determine your directorship strengths and areas for development, and offers insights and practical advice to help you make a shift from management to a role as a board director.

    11:55 Keeping your Association on track with the right KPI's
    Speaker:  Rod Auton - Crane Association of New Zealand Inc

    They help set expectations for the future, increase visibility and communication across the organisation and with your members, and find solutions. The key to making KPIs work for an association is to figure out what’s most important.
    I will briefly outline the process of staying on track with a slideshow through the use of KPIs and benchmarking that uses real examples from our business.

    I will define KPIs for membership organisations and highlight the value of how technology can track them.The focus will be on four key KPIs, membership, finances, communication and engagement, and performance metrics and will show through benchmarking where our association is placed in an international arena.

    Key learnings from Rod's Presentation
         - Defining what KPIs needed for your not-for-profit organisation
         - How important is setting benchmarks to international standards
    11:55 When disaster rocks a conference
    Speaker: Catherine Cooper, General Manager - New Zealand Resolution Institute
    The 2016 Conflict Resolution Conference was due to commence on 14 November 2016.  At just after midnight on 14 November Wellington and many other parts of the country were shaken awake by a severe quake which resulted in the cancellation of the conference.  Hear our story about the cancellation of the conference  - the crisis management, the ongoing process involved in the cancellation, the role that conference insurance played, and how it all worked out. (The story does have a happy ending…)
    The session will cover what we learnt from the experience about:
         - Conference insurance
         - Decision making
         - Communication
         - Preparedness
         - Managing a cancellation
    12:30  Lunch and Exhibitor Showcase


    Building Values to enhance your associations growth
    Speaker: Daniel Scheibmair, Technical and Education Manager - Building Officials Institute of NZ
    The Building officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ), with over 1200 members engaged in building control, and has been raising its members’ professional standing and realising its Vision of Improving the Quality and Performance of the Built Environment.

    Key initiatives that other not-for-profit organisations could also benefit from will covered:
     -  Realise the value of qualifications complimented by targeted, well delivered training utilising continual advances in IT (ie. are you keeping up with on-going and ever increasing pace of change)
     -  The importance of aligning an organisation’s vision and aspirations with the needs and desires of its membership (ie. do you really know what benefits your membership)

    2:20  Delivering Value through Advocacy - A great win win story 

     Speaker: Bruce Lochore, Chief Executive Officer, The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc. 

    Working with Local councils and Central government to ensure that not only his Motor Caravan Association members get a fair deal when they are travelling throughout New Zealand, but assisting all Regional Tourism Offices develop strategies to ensure that domestic tourism reaches not only the tourist hotspots of New Zealand.

    Bruce tells a fascinating story, that through advocacy on all levels that you can increase your membership offering and develop robust legislation, that protects the environment and economic growth.

    3:05 Break 10

    3:15 Closing Keynote - Dream BIG Achieve MORE 
    Speaker: Cam Calkoen, Inspirational Speaker 

    One of the biggest challenges facing millions of people daily is getting out of bed in the morning and looking forward to going to work. A lot of people go through the motions to fulfill a function, to earn some dollars, to live a life. We all know that there is more. The key is finding ic. It’s having the positive mindset in the first instance then the motivation and confidence to seek.
    Cam Calkoen was born with Cerebral Palsy and turned a ‘can’t do’ attitude into a dynamic ‘can do anything’ personality becoming an:
         - Athletic Gold Medalist
         - Charitable Fundraiser
         - Social Entrepreneur
         - Inspirational Speaker
    With the ability to have audiences in tears one minute and fits of laughter the next, Cam provides a totally unique and fresh hit of adrenalin for individuals to rise each morning with the inner strength to embrace their lives, jobs and well being.

    4:00 Closing and Networking Drinks 
    Leadership, Insights & Networking Conference  
    Grand Millennium Auckland 
    71 Mayoral Drive, AUCKLAND 1010 


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