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Infrastructure New Zealand

AuSAE Member Since 2015

What We Do 

Infrastructure NZ is the peak body for the infrastructure sector in NZ. Infrastructure NZ promotes best practice in national infrastructure development through research, advocacy and public and private sector collaboration. Members come from diverse sectors across New Zealand, including equity owners, service providers, public sector agencies, and major infrastructure users. Together we share a clear purpose; world class infrastructure for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Number of Members
We have currently have 100 corporate members. 

Staff Size
We have 3.5 staff members.

Years in Association Management
13 years. 

How I Got Into Association Management
I commenced my journey in Association Management as a Policy Manager for The Committee for Auckland (CFA), an independent, not-for-profit organisation established with the aim of making Auckland one of the world's great places to live, work and play. After 8 years at CFA, managing the research programme, the Iwi-Business Consortium and member events programme, I then moved to Infrastructure NZ, where have been for 5 years. At Infrastructure NZ, I manage our strategic partnerships and programmes, membership acquisition and retention, alongwith our social infrastructure portfolio.

What I Like About My Job
I like the diversity of the role, the ability to make a difference and the challenge of creating win-wins. Delivering positive outcomes for members, furthering the national debate about infrastructure, facilitating initiatives with our partners, hosting events and challenging the status quo, are all within a day’s work at Infrastructure NZ. I also really like our members, who are passionate about delivering world class infrastructure for New Zealanders.

My Biggest Challenge
Ensuring we deliver continuous value for our diverse membership base, within the limited resources we have. We can’t be all things to all people.

What I am most proud of at our Association 
Together with our members, we have worked hard to get the importance of Infrastructure onto the national radar. The Roads of National Significance, the National Infrastructure Unit, NZ’s Thirty Year Infrastructure Plan and the amalgamation of Auckland are all evidence of our advocacy. More recently I am proud of the establishment of the Women’s Infrastructure Network, aimed at increasing the visibility of women in the sector, and our new Emerging Talent Network, for young, up and coming leaders.

Favorite AuSAE Event
Annual LINC conference in NZ – a fantastic opportunity to hear from leaders in the sector, share experiences and forge new relationships – plus time to step off the treadmill for a day or two and consider strategic issues. 

What I Want to Learn From Other AuSAE Members
Innovative ways for making the limited association dollar go further, how to best use technology, best practice trends in association management and - good old association war stories! 

How AuSAE Has Helped Me
Membership of AusaE has been a revelation to me, and I feel like I have ‘found my tribe’. I find the events and seminars of immense relevance, and the networking and experience sharing from across the sector invaluable. I am strong advocate for the work AusaE does, and am a frequent recommender of AusaE to other association colleagues. Carry on the good work!

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