Association Influencers 2020

What is Association Influencers 2020?

AuSAE’s Association Influencers program is about highlighting and recognising the outstanding contributions of individuals in the association community across Australia and New Zealand.

There is no better year to launch our inaugural Association Influencers platform. When faced with the rapidly changing and escalating public health emergency of COVID-19 the Association community stood front and centre to support, protect and advocate for their members as this once in a generation crisis unfolded.

Associations worked tirelessly to collect, curate and disseminate information, advocated to government to assist in the formation of impactful policy advice and provided support and assistance for the professions, industries and communities they represent.

AuSAE is your home of associations, and as a community it is imperative that outstanding association professionals have the opportunity to be recognised, inclusive of AuSAE members and non-members alike – the people behind the associations, connecting the tribes.

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Who can be nominated
(eligibility criteria):

AuSAE are seeking nominations for individuals at all levels of responsibility who have demonstrated influence, exemplary leadership, unrivalled guidance, strength in resilience and service to the sector.

This person may be an Association CEO, pivotal manager, rising star and / or someone who:

  • has been part of a high performing team,
  • lead an innovative project or COVID-19 response initiative,
  • shown dedication to building partnerships with stakeholders,
  • an exemplar role model to their peers,

or all of the above and more…....You are encouraged to nominate any peer that you identify as meeting the criteria.  

    This award is open to nomination from any peer and excludes the self-nomination of candidates. 

    All candidates must reside in Australia or New Zealand although the person making the nomination of the candidate may be located anywhere globally. Nominees must be a current employee of a not-for-profit Association to be eligible for inclusion.

    "It is our privilege to recognise outstanding individuals making a significant and lasting impact within our tribe and setting the benchmark for association professionals into the future".

    Toni Brearley
    Chief Executive Officer
    Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE)

    Nominations closed for 2020

    How to get involved?


    STEP 1:


    An individual nominates another individual by completing below questions via the Expression of Interest to Nominate link and Survey Monkey.

    Criteria 1.     Evidence on how the nominee has influenced and positively impacted the association landscape – (Weight 60%)

    Influences and engages by:

    • Portraying high levels of integrity, ethics and inclusion through consistent behaviours
    • Being brave and demonstrating a willingness to take appropriate risks, challenging the status quo
    • Raising levels of morale, well-being and engagement and addressing and resolving conflict

    Inspires and motivates:

    • Others to achieve unexpected and remarkable results; to achieve more than they believed they could

    Supports creativity and innovation by:

    • Working with others to identify areas of necessary change, approaching problems in new ways
    • Working collaboratively to seek new ideas and solutions and fosters an environment to support this

    Has measurable impact:

    • Demonstrates impact and achievement within the association sector

    Criteria 2.     What would it mean to the nominee as an association professional to be named an AuSAE Association Influencer for 2020? (Weight 20%)

    Criteria 3:  One supporting referee (in addition to the nominee) who will endorse the nomination (this may include a colleague within the nominee’s organisation and / or an industry peer outside of the nominee’s organisation).  (Weight 20%)

    STEP 2:


    The awards will be judged by a select panel, who will be carefully chosen and vetted to ensure no conflict of interest. The panel will be comprised of a group of prominent leaders in both Australia and New Zealand with knowledge, experience and passion for the association sector.  The panel will be chaired by AuSAE President - Lyn McMorran.  

    Using a set criterion for each entry scoring, after scores have been gathered, the list will be approved and nominees advised of the outcome.  After much debate, the top applicants for 2020 will be selected based on the scoring of the set criteria. The judges may limit the number of winners should they find it appropriate.

    All entries must comply with the following:

    • All submissions must be submitted online through the allocated portal, Survey Monkey
    • Nominees are to reside and work within Australia or New Zealand only.  International submissions outside Australia and New Zealand will not be considered.
    • Nominees must be a current employee of a not-for-profit Association to be eligible for inclusion.
    • All submissions must be nominating another applicant – self nomination will not be accepted
    • AuSAE must receive submissions before the final deadline to qualify - 16 December 2020 (extended to 21 December 2020)
    • You must be able to provide evidence that the nomination information regarding the criteria has been carried out within the 12-month period leading up to the final entry deadline
    • Entrants accept that information provided has the right to be published after the finalisation through various AuSAE channels
    • Advised referees must verify the nominee’s application in order to be valid and continue through the judging process
    • The judge’s decision IS final

    STEP 3:


    All nominees are to be advised of the outcome of the nomination - Top nominations advised of successful outcome and next steps.

    All reviewed and approved top nominees will be featured on the AuSAE website and promoted throughout the community.

    The top nominees for 2020 will be featured throughout the 2021 in AuSAE publications and spotlight opportunities.

    The top influencers selected will receive, in addition to recognition amongst their peers:

    • Prominent feature on AuSAE Association Influencers website
    • A certificate / badge of recognition presented at an appropriate AuSAE Event.
    • Industry profile piece written or recorded and published to the AuSAE audience – an in industry behind the scenes exposé featuring the influencer
    • Exclusive chair / speaking opportunities throughout 2021 as available and relevant
    • Relevant and available profile opportunities 
    • Inclusion in developing and shaping the 2021 recognition platform
    AuSAE look forward to announcing and celebrating the first group of Association Influencers in February 2021.

    For further information about Association Influencers 2020 or to make an enquiry, contact: 

    The Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE)

    Australian Office:
    Address: Unit 6, 26 Navigator Place, Hendra QLD 4011 Australia
    Free Call: +61 1300 764 576
    Phone: +61 7 3268 7955

    New Zealand Office:
    Address: 159 Otonga Rd, Rotorua 3015 New Zealand
    Phone: +64 27 249 8677

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