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Member Spotlights 

Linda Smith 

Executive Officer

The Chiropractors' Association of Australia (Queensland) (CAAQLD)

AuSAE member since: October 2015 

What we do 

CAAQLD is the state branch of CAA and the local professional body representing Chiropractors in Queensland. We provide member services and information, locate a chiropractor services for the public, both run and participate in public educational events, provide educational events for members and provide advocacy and representation with political, regulatory and other professional stakeholders.

Number of members
Just over 500.

Staff size

Years in association management
2 years

How I got into association management
Association Management was not planned! Having completed Management Training with Woolworths, many years ago, I left a managerial career behind to have a family and complete my Masters degree. Along the way, I worked in many different aspects of the chiropractic profession in a part time capacity, including a stint overseas in the UK. When we returned to Australia, because of my experience with chiropractic, I gained employment with CAAQLD in a part time capacity as a membership / communications officer. When the management role became available, I was asked to shift to that role.  

What I like about my job
I love chiropractic and believe the profession has a lot to offer the community. I love the political and stakeholder advocacy and public education components of my job where I get an opportunity to talk about chiropractic to others.

My biggest challenge
Educating and changing the perception of stakeholders and the public about chiropractic. Many people do not know that chiropractors in Australia are regulated, 5-year university trained and highly skilled at what they do with both an excellent safety record and very high levels of expressed patient satisfaction.

What I am most proud of at our association
We are a small by comparison with many other professional Associations. I am proud of all that we manage to do and achieve for our members and the wider chiropractic profession!

Favourite AuSAE event  
My first ever AuSAE ACE in Brisbane in May 2015. I just remember being wowed by the content, the organisation of the event and the friendliness of both the staff and other attendees. AuSAE is such a warm group of people to be involved with.

What I want to learn from other AuSAE members 
I’m always looking to learn how to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. Being a small staff, we have to be across everything, so anything that improves what we do and frees up time helps immensely.

How AuSAE has helped me 
Sometimes working in a smaller association can be very insular. You often feel like your own little island! AuSAE as provided me with an opportunity to meet with others in Queensland doing the same things and facing the same challenges. I feel supported and know that if I ever needed help, I would have colleagues to ask and wonderful AuSAE staff to help point me in the right direction. I’m not an island anymore!

Reasons to Join 

Community of association professionals


Professional Education 


Member only on-line Resources


Leadership Growth Opportunities



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