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Member Spotlights 

Bill Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Fitness Australia

AuSAE member since: April 2016

What we do 

We have four basic functions. First, we operate the register for exercise professionals, AusREPs. As the peak national fitness body we also develop standards and guidelines, and advocate for the industry to government and NGOs. We also add value for our members by providing business support tool and services.

Number of members
22 000 registered exercise professionals and 3 500 fitness businesses

Staff size
26 staff

Years in association management
2 years

How I got into association management

I wasn’t intending to take a management position in an association when I left my last position as I was planning to build a portfolio of Board positions being very interested in governance. Having a fitness background my first port of call for a potential Board position was Fitness Australia so I jumped on their website where I noticed the CEO role was advertised. As I was reading the ad a fitness industry colleague sent me a text with the address of the web page I was actually looking at telling me to apply for the role, that my vision for the industry was what was needed. Apart from being very flattered I was fascinated with what was going on in the industry and applied for the role.

What I like about my job
The diversity of the role is enormous. In any one day I can be talking to the office of the Fair Work Commission, the Ombudsman, government ministers, personal trainers and gym owners, as well as running the business itself. I’m enjoying the chaos.

My biggest challenge
Trying to do too much is a challenge, but there’s a lot to be done. The reality is that the work will never be finished of course so taking a measured perspective is important otherwise we’d all burn out. Being able to regularly take a step back and look at the industry and the role the Association plays in it is healthy and I routinely remind myself that I should do it more often.

What I am most proud of at our association
The fitness industry changes lives for the better, and it is a gift to be a significant part of that. We understand the contribution that the industry makes to the health of the nation through improved longevity and productivity, and the great responsibility that we have in actively participating in it. I’m enormously proud of my team here at Fitness Australia. Associations are easy targets for agitators and naysayers but the team always power through.

Favourite AuSAE event  
ACE 2017 – I was privileged to present at the 2017 conference and it was a great thrill.

What I want to learn from other AuSAE members 
AusAE is such a great platform for connecting, it’s rare that you don’t find common ground when talking to other members even if the industries are quite disparate. The networking opportunities open up insights into the issues that face most associations – marketing, digital, engagement and change management. The insights from other members are invaluable.

How AuSAE has helped me 

Being a relative newcomer to Associations AusAE has helped me find my feet quite quickly and created great friendships in the process. It’s all about the people for me.

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