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Member Spotlights 

Jill Romeo

Executive Officer

Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE)

AuSAE member since: September 2015

What we do 

ANZAHPE is the peak organisation for practitioners involved in the education and training of all health professionals in Australia and New Zealand. ANZAHPE is comprised of clinicians, academic educators and students, and supports and advances education in the health care professions.

ANZAHPE is a truly multidisciplinary organisation, encompassing undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education and training.

ANZAHPE's core objectives are to:

  • promote, support and advance education in the health professions
  • facilitate communication between educators in the health professions
  • promote undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education and training
  • recognise, facilitate and disseminate high quality educational research in health professional education
  • be the focal point for health professions education in western Pacific region.

ANZAHPE promotes educational research and good practice through seeding grants, awards and conference presentations and through its peer-reviewed journal, Focus on Health Professional Education. The Annual Conference offers a forum for sharing of research, experiences and ideas towards the improvement of health professional education. Our network of education researchers contributes to the international evidence base for health professional education.

Number of members
Approximately 500.

Staff size
ANZAHPE has a Committee of Management comprised of 10 volunteer members. The Executive Officer is the only employed staff member.

Years in association management
Seven years.

How I got into association management

I had previously been working in the administration area of a Health Professional Education program with a University that has a strong relationship with ANZAHPE. The ANZAHPE EO role became available initially as a short-term placement. I saw this as a great opportunity to be involved in an area of interest to me and fortunately for me, the short-term placement resulted in the offer of an on-going position.

What I like about my job

The variety of activities I am involved with it what makes my job always interesting and provides new challenges and opportunities for learning and professional satisfaction. As the one administrative staff member I have the opportunity to work across the entire range of activities that ANZAHPE is involved with. I have a key role in facilitating the Association activities and goals. I love the interaction I have with members and building relationships with members over time.

My biggest challenge
Time! There is never enough to do all that we want. Being a one person admin team brings its own challenges as well. My challenge for the future is to see the plans for growth and new services and activities that ANZAHPE plan to provide for members be fulfilled.

What I am most proud of at our association
I work with people who have passion for the work they are doing and there is a collegial supportive culture throughout ANZAHPE.

Favourite AuSAE event  
The AuSAE Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE). 

What I want to learn from other AuSAE members 
How other members deal with the same challenges that I (and my Association) face.

How best to develop my skills for the benefit of the Association.

How to continue to develop my professional skills and experiences as part of my career progression.

ANZAHPE Committee of Management recognise the major benefits that my membership with AuSAE provides and the learning and networking opportunities that I have gained bring significant benefits to my Association.

How AuSAE has helped me 

AuSAE has given me the opportunity to meet with others working in what is a unique industry space. The opportunity to share experiences and learn from others has made me feel much less isolated professionally. The professional development opportunities that are tailored specifically to my role, and exposure to industry partners are other major benefits for me.

Jill Romeo was the winner of the Purple Ticket (complimentary access to all AuSAE events) at ACE 2018.

"Both I and ANZAHPE were delighted to be the winner of the purple ticket at the Adelaide conference. I am very much looking forward to attending LINC later this year in Auckland and AuSAE next year in Brisbane and other events as I can."

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