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Member Spotlights 

Holly Morchat Stanko

General Manager

The Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ)

AuSAE member since: June 2016

What we do?

ACENZ represents the business of consulting engineering companies throughout New Zealand. We focus on advocacy in the construction sector and we Co tribute input into relevant engineering policy, best practice and the business of consulting engineering.

Number of Members: 

We have 200 company members.

Staff Size:

5 full time staff.

Years in Association Management: 

6 years.

How I got into Association Management

I came to New Zealand through a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to get my post-graduate diploma in business. What was supposed to be one year of study turned into my life in NZ as I fell in love with the country and decided to stay! So I found ACENZ through a maternity cover contract which turned into a permanent position first as executive officer, then moving up the ranks to Corporate Services, communications manager and finally General Manager. 

What I like about my job

I love the variety. Working in a small team, I get to wear many hats and learn new skills almost every day! It’s challenging to adapt like that but it keeps me on my toes and allows me to continually improve my skill set...which ultimately benefits our Members!

My Biggest Challenge

Staying relevant. Membership to our Association isn’t mandatory for engineers to practice. They choose to become (and stay) our Members, so we are constantly needing to prove our value and relevance in an ever growing competitive market. Finding new benefits and maintaining the value prop we already have is certainly a challenge but one that keeps our team busy and engaged.

What I am most proud of at our association

I’m proud of our growth rate. Although Membership is elective and with other comparable Associations to our own, our Members continue to see our value and we’ve continued to gain new Membership over the 6 years I’ve been with ACENZ.  

Favourite AuSAE Event

Don’t make me choose...there are too many great events! LINC conference is incredible! It’s a great event that brings so many people together in one place to talk, network, learn, share our stories with other Association leaders and Association staff. The program always has a balance of topics that are good for the CEO level but also the operational staff too. I’ve come away with so many great ideas for my own Association that I wouldn’t have got without talking to someone else going through (or has already gone through) the same thing. We learn from each other at LINC and that’s what I look forward to each year.

What I want to learn from other AuSAE members
I’d love to learn how to utilize PR and media more effectively. My Association is still a very reactive one but I’d like to learn more about harnessing proactive media and PR attention.

How AuSAE has helped me

Connect. Our industry is stronger together (2017 LINC theme) but it’s so true! If my Association is struggling with an issue I can guarantee you that someone else has already gone through it. AuSAE brings us (and finds incredible expert speakers) together to learn from each other and help us improve what we can offer to our own Members.

Reasons to Join 

Community of association professionals


Professional Education 


Member only on-line Resources


Leadership Growth Opportunities



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