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Member Spotlights 

Sturt Eastwood

Chief Executive Officer

Diabetes NSW, ACT & QLD

AuSAE member since: June 2015

What we do?

We support people with or at risk of Diabetes. 

Number of Members: 

77 000

Staff Size:


Years in Association Management: 

5 years.

How I got into Association Management

In simple terms I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes whilst living in the Middle East (QATAR) and joined the Board on my return to Australia. When the incumbent CEO resigned I stepped out of corporate life and took up the role.

What I like about my job

In essence the opportunity to apply my decades of commercial experience in a way that increases the impact we have for the constituents we serve. The powerful application of commercial rigor to improving the world in which we live and seeing the growth and positive development and growth of staff. 

My Biggest Challenge

The prioritisation and delivery of ideas and initiatives in a capital and resource constrained environment.

What I am most proud of at our association

The flexible can do culture, the absolute focus on mission, the doubling of services and the passion of our people.

Favourite AuSAE Event

Whilst they are all good I think the annual conferences help with remaining objective, build support networks and re-invigorate and inspire.

What I want to learn from other AuSAE members

Different ways of thinking, different approaches, best practice and a broadening of my perspective.

How AuSAE has helped me


Reasons to Join 

Community of association professionals


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