Member Spotlights 

Amy Flint

Business Development & Public Sector Engagement Executive

CPA Australia

AuSAE member since: 2018

What we do? CPA Australia is one of the world's largest accounting bodies with a global membership of more than 164,000 members (as at 31 December 2018) working in 150 countries and regions around the world.

Core services to members include education, training, technical support and advocacy. Employees and members work together with Australian and international bodies to represent the views and concerns of the profession to governments, government agencies, regulators, industries, academia and the general public.

CPA Australia’s vision is to partner with members to prepare for today and tomorrow in a globally connected world.

Staff Size: More than 500 across 19 global offices

Years in Association Management:  5 years.

How I got into Association Management: I started my career as a social worker within a government department in the child abuse intake and investigation unit knowing that I wanted to make a difference and help others fulfil their own potential.  With that goal in mind, through my career I moved into employment services, registered training organisation partnerships (RTO), corporate apprenticeships and traineeship services, self-employed consultancy and finally finding my place at CPA Australia in education and now business development and public sector engagement.

What I like about my job:  It took me a long time to genuinely say that I have a job I love and a team I respect and learn from every single day. I am fortunate to experience what some people search their entire careers for and look forward to what my future associations career will bring.  Being in an externally focused role, I thrive engaging with partners, members and key stakeholders, connecting like-minded people to achieve individual and business outcomes. I particularly enjoy working with within the global charities and profit-for-purpose (NFP) portfolio, embracing emerging concepts such as startups, social impact and digital technologies to enhance the way we do business now and into the future.

My Biggest Challenge: Juggling an incredibly diverse portfolio is my greatest challenge and also the most amazing opportunity. Working across a varied portfolio of business development, public sector, not-for-profit, volunteering and specialist projects with multiple unique stakeholders and a diverse team, every day is a new, exciting and unique challenge developing skill sets I never imagined I would acquire. Often, I am surprised by the skill sets each day demands and the new ways I need to adapt to work efficiently.

What I am most proud of at our association: I am not alone in saying my greatest pride is our members. From those exploring their future profession, finding their path, to those established in their careers and seeking to pass their knowledge and skills to the next generation. The times I smile most are when I can share in the achievements of associates, CPAs and fellow CPAs, enhance and promote their careers and understand what uniquely fulfils them.  I am proud to work for CPA Australia, understanding that when we stand for people, not a product, service, metric or number. Standing for real, living, breathing people we will change the world

Favourite AuSAE Event:  Having recently attended my first AuSAE ACE Conference as a Future Leader, panellist and delegate, I was impressed with the professionalism, thought leadership, community of our tribe and the insights I took away to implement back into my association. I connected with many people during this conference across Oceania and am driving forward collaborative opportunities and building relationships I know will last far beyond the next national conference in 2020.

What I want to learn from other AuSAE members:

Although we all service unique types of not-for-profit associations what binds our professionalism is a common goal as association managers. I want to embrace the innovative ideas, learnings and insights from other AuSAE members and connect as individual people serving our members for a greater sense of community for a common good.

How AuSAE has helped me: I am humbled by the opportunities AuSAE has given me over the past year.  I believe in engaged membership and have vowed to give more than I receive to our association.  AuSAE has connected me to other association professionals who demonstrate a passion for the sector and in turn have ignited my passion far beyond my expectations.

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