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New Zealand Veterinary Association appoints Chief Veterinary Officer

19 Jul 2017 12:16 PM | Deleted user

Dr Helen Beattie, known to many in the veterinary profession as a valued colleague and leader, has been appointed New Zealand Veterinary Association's Chief Veterinary Officer.

Dr Beattie was selected from an outstanding field of professionals. She brings an unparalleled breadth of experience and skill that is vital to this key leadership role.

Helen is currently on the leadership team of the Otago SPCA where she is Director of Animal Welfare and a warranted Animal Welfare Inspector. This arms her with the necessary thorough understanding of the Animal Welfare Act needed for this role.

She also serves in a volunteer capacity as President of the highly successful NZVA special interest branch for Companion Animal Veterinarians and is a member of the executive board of the New Zealand Companion Animal Council and the New Zealand Companion Animal Trust.

NZVA CEO Mark Ward says Dr Beattie has a significant role to play on behalf of veterinarians across our nation.

"We are fortunate to have selected a professional with nationally recognised companion animal credentials as well as a broad understanding of the challenges facing New Zealand's rural sector," Mr Ward says.

"Most importantly, Helen brings the empathy for and deep understanding of our profession that we have enjoyed with her predecessor Dr Callum Irvine".

"I am confident that with Helen on board as NZVA Chief Veterinary Officer, we will consolidate and grow the critical position of veterinary technical and policy leadership, and stakeholder support achieved by Dr Irvine."

This media release was sourced directly from NZVA and written by Emily McKewen.