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CEO Message March - Australia

26 Mar 2019 2:26 PM | Deleted user

The tragic events in Christchurch unfolded as I was waiting to return home to Australia following our Future Leaders conference in Wellington. It was impossible not to feel a profound sense of shock and disbelief.  AuSAE in New Zealand is supporting our members and colleagues in Christchurch and beyond whose lives have been either directly or indirectly but irreversibly changed from this event. Kia Kaha Christchurch.

It has also been impossible not to notice the many forms of leadership following this event from the highest levels to those at the heart of the community most effected.  It is neither position nor stature that determines good leadership, rather a set of values, characteristics and behaviours that define a true leader.  I have written some notes that came out of our Future leadership conference which you can read here.

I am pleased to provide you with an update on some of our other activities from around the country:

2019 Member Communications Survey

We were delighted that the Mahlab team could join us for our first round of networking lunches this month and present their research findings from the 2019 Member Communications Survey.  Some startling facts in relation to an association’s attitude to investment in communication and their growth.  If you missed out on attending the lunches, you can still download the report here.

ASAE Membership Benefits

I am hearing great things from our members regarding their ASAE membership, especially in relation to the resources available and the on-line community.  If you have yet to activate your membership, I encourage you to do so and discover some of the great benefits this partnership brings.  If you need some assistance getting started please give us a call and we will be happy to guide you through.

Expressions of Interest:  ASAE Annual Meeting 2019, August 10 - 13, Columbus Ohio

I will be leading a delegation to the ASAE Annual meeting in August of this year to Columbus, Ohio and would love to hear from any members who were thinking of attending the conference. As part of a delegation we receive a special rate (approx. 50% discount) and we will arrange bespoke events for our group and those you would like to interact with.  The program was released yesterday and can be found here. Please email me if you are considering attending and would like to be kept up to date with the delegation offering.

Mentoring & Leadership Program

One of our strategic focus areas is the development of the sector and future association leaders.  The AuSAE Mentoring and Leadership program is a principal activity to achieve this goal.  We are almost fully “matched” for our new cohort of mentees but have a few specific skills we are seeking in mentors.  Firstly, someone who has experience in leading an organisation through the transition to service delivery through the NDIS, and secondly someone based in Melbourne with a strong Association Policy background.  If you fit these criteria and would consider being a mentor, then I would love to hear from you.

As we are about to head into April and the abundance of holidays, I wish you all a very happy Easter and hope you have an opportunity to have a break and refresh.

Warm regards