Incorporated Societies Act 2022 - New Zealand 

Every incorporated society must revise its constitution, which comprises the governing principles of the organisation.

This updated constitution must be approved and re-registered with the Companies Office.

New legislation comes into effect October 2023 

All existing Incorporated Societies have until April 2026 (2½ years) to re-register in line with the new Act. Following this date, any incorporated society that has not undergone re-registration will cease to exist.

The Constitution must contain the following matters:

The name of the society and purposes of the society

How a person becomes a member of the society, including a requirement

A person must consent to be a member

How a person ceases to be a member of the society

Arrangements for keeping the society’s register of members up to date

Composition, roles, functions, powers, and procedures of the committee of the society including:

  • election and appointment of officers
  • terms of office and officers
  • functions and powers of the committee
  • grounds for removal
  • how the chairperson is elected
  • quorum is of committee meetings and voting procedures

A contact person

How the society controls and manages its finances

Method of amendment of the Constitution

Procedures for resolving disputes and complaints

Arrangements requirements for general meetings

Surplus assets and liquidation procedures

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the New Zealand office
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