Networking Lunch (Adelaide): Member Engagement - Remaining Relevant in a Society of Choice

  • 27 Jul 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Riverbank Room 5, Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000
  • 18


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The Networking

This event is now closed for online registrations, if you are interested in attending please email

We invite you to take a couple of hours out of your day to connect with others in the industry to discuss high level topics of real importance, develop new relationships and gain critical information. This is a rare opportunity to network with other CEOs and senior management professionals from charities, associations and other non-profit organisations. Ample opportunity will be given for you to discuss issues and network with others.

The Topic

The ease of online communication nowadays means that more of our social and organisational interactions are moving online. But are we missing out on important face-to-face interactions by moving the majority of our communication with members to on line.

Using today’s dedicated member management software brings with it all the features of on line communication that enable associations to blog, post, auto email, hold webinars, survey, register and renew memberships. In fact most make the need for off line communication redundant. But how do our members feel about that?

We are literally emailing our members to death and spam filters now send enewsletters and event invites straight to the junk folder.

Membership engagement has become a one way traffic activity full of generic messages which is in complete opposition to what members say they want – tailored, relevant, spaced communication pieces that add value.

What can associations do to leverage the technology and still deliver meaningful communication to members.

Come and hear Kerrie Akkermans National Membership Strategist share the story of how the Australian Water Association went full steam ahead with digital communication to reduce costs and increase member engagement and then how they needed to recalibrate due to member pushback. She will provide tips on how AWA regained member’s support and balanced their on and off line communication to ensure member’s felt a part of the community still.

The Speaker - Kerrie Akkermans , Chief Executive Officer, Girl Guides SA

Kerrie is a senior executive and business owner with experience in membership management, association management, real estate, marketing, personal branding, strategic management, leadership, mediation, human resource management, cultural change and conflict management, business development, best practice and quality/WHS systems. Kerrie has developed her consultancy business since 1994 and owned and operated a retail and property businesses.

Having consulted to a range of industries on the acquisition and retention of members she is well versed in the nuances of membership management and profitable growth.

As a professional speaker and trainer Kerrie’s skills are highly sought after and she has been engaged to share her stories and insights. She also conducts mediation for businesses to assist with disputes with stakeholders on human and financial matters.

She has an extensive track record in working with owners using her Bachelor in Communication and innovative methods to come up with fresh ideas and solutions.

As Kerrie says “it’s people who need to be managed, the technical skills are the easy part”. Her background and expertise in communication and mediation means she can handle the most challenging of situations.

Her positive energy will motivate you to take action and put the ideas to work with your members.

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