Life Members

The AuSAE Board of Directors may elect a person as a Honorary Life Member who, in its opinion, has rendered distinguished service to the Society. All nominations will be reviewed and assessed by the AuSAE Board of Directors. The AuSAE Board of Directors will consider all nominations for life membership usually at the first Board meeting in the calendar year. Life members of the Society are entitled to use the post-nominal SAE (Life Member). Life members who are Fellows of the Society are entitled to use the post-nominal FSAE (Life Member). Life Members retain all of their membership rights and privileges, have full voting rights and may serve on the Board of Directors. Life members are not required to pay an annual membership fee.

Current Life Members - The following individuals are been granted Honorary Life Membership to the Australasian Society of Association Executives.

Mark Franklin - Life Membership granted 2014

Mark Franklin has been the Chief Executive and non-voting member of the Board of the Ethnic Communities' Council NSW since 2009. He has extensive CEO, academic and volunteer experience covering national and international organisations within the financial, community, entertainment, health and research sectors. Former Senior Author in Association Management, MBA Program, University of New England Associate of the Cultural Diversity Research Network, Department of Marketing and Management, Macquarie University Member of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Reference Group, NSW Electoral Commission Past National President and Fellow of the Australasian Society of Association Executives.

Adrian Hart - Life Membership granted 2013

As a professional association executive, I have always believed it appropriate that members and prospective members join the organisations with which I have been engaged.  Of those who do join their respective association(s), I have always encouraged and been impressed by the individuals who find the time to contribute positively to furthering their shared cause and advancing the position of their organisation politically, economically and socially. As a result, I have sought to apply the same responsibilities to myself and have been pleased to support AuSAE both in Queensland and nationally where I could.  I have been proud to participate on the state and national committees, including terms as Queensland President and a national Director. Apart from my ongoing involvement with people I admire and respect, I have simply enjoyed my membership of AuSAE and benefited greatly from the networking and peer support it offers.  I am grateful for the opportunity that I have had to participate and honoured to be recognised with Life Membership. I joined AuSAE and the AuSAE Queensland committee in the early 90’s.  I was Qld President, 1996 – 1999 and National Director, 1995 – 1999.  I obtained sponsorship from AC&L (income protection insurer) which enabled the employment of the first national manager and was a key contributor to re-writing the AuSAE constitution as it became a single entity national association as opposed to a federation of states.

As Secretary and CEO of Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Queensland , Adrian aims to create excellence in organisational management and corporate governance. He has more than 30 years of professional management, industry representation and committee / board participation.  He was the Executive Director of Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland for 25 years, before moving to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Queensland to implement a major turnaround. He is passionate about effective board governance, industry representation and lobbying and supporting small business development through common interest groups. His specialties include Governance & Strategy, Change Management, Marketing, Communications & Media Relations, Policy Development & Lobbying, Services Development and Event Management.

Leisa Donlan - Life Membership granted 2013

One of the first things Leisa Donlan did on becoming a specialist non-profit manager was to join AuSAE and utilize its networks and mentoring to help her in her professional role.  She shortly after joined the Queensland committee, where she served as Treasurer & President and organised the 1999 national conference in Brisbane when AuSAE was unable to provide staff or support.  Leisa joined the AuSAE National Board of Directors in 2000 and became President in 2002 until her resignation in 2005.  She remains committed to the value of non-profit Executives sharing information, mentoring new Executives and providing each other with support during what can be difficult relationships with Boards and other stakeholders.

Leisa Donlan holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) and is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Association Executives with over twenty years' experience in the non-profit sector. Leisa began working in the competitive fuel industry as an analyst and quality manager until joining the non-profit sector. In 1999 Leisa was awarded the Australian Association Executive of the Year for her work with the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia, an industry trade organisation, representing members around the world. As Chief Executive Officer of ARMA Leisa led the organisation to increase its membership by over 400% becoming the largest association for the process in the world while instigating industry best practice governance and management systems. In 2003 she took over the global organisation and based it in Queensland to develop its business plan and manage the start up until handing over to the new European office in 2008 and she has since served as a Board Member of the international affiliation. Leisa remains a working non-profit CEO. Over the past eleven years Leisa has presented to thousands of non-profits and their committees or boards ranging across sports clubs and governing bodies, community groups, industry associations, indigenous communities, philanthropic organisations and for Government. Leisa regularly provides interviews for radio and television on non-profit management, volunteer governance and her other specialist areas. She is a regular contributor to four international magazines and presents across the globe on governance, association management, staff & board relations and strategic planning. For the past ten years she has been a regular consultant to Government, providing training, assisting organisations with constitutional reviews, risk management, planning, disaster recovery and mediating during times of conflict.

Steve Bowman - Life Membership granted 2013

Acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of Conscious Governance, risk and strategy in the USA, Asia and Australia, Steven Bowman has transformed the prevailing understanding of the meaning of governance and strategy. He began to envision a conscious governance philosophy, which has quickly spread throughout the world, based upon the premise that governance is about the choices that people make and not just about compliance, policy and procedures. The Australian government has provided a large Federal export grant to facilitate taking his work to international markets.He is a director of ConsciousGovernance, based in Melbourne, Australia. He is sought after by businesses around the world as an expert adviser on conscious leadership, strategic innovation, and awakening the power of consciousness within organizations.Steven has held numerous senior executive and CEO positions with some of the USA and Australia’s most prestigious organizations. He has authored and coauthored over fourteen books on nonprofit governance, strategy, risk and executive leadership. Among his clients are: Craigs List Foundation, CPA Australia, CEO Institute, Aged and Community Services, Mental Health Association, Australian Sports Commission and Make a Wish Australia.He currently consults with over one thousand nonprofit and corporate organizations each year in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Fellow of the Corporate Law and Accountability Research Group, Monash University.

John Peacock - Life Membership granted 2013 

John joined AuSAE in October 1992 and was an active member of the NSW Division in the mid-1990s, serving as an active NSW Vice President under NSW President Chris Davis. John joined the National Board of Directors in approximately 1997  on the day that the then National Executive Officer announced that the organisation was broke and that he, the National Executive Officer, was resigning.  Under the leadership of incoming National President Kate Hartwig, John worked with fellow directors Adrian Hart and Chris Davis on a major restructure of the organisation to a single entity and assisted with emergency actions to avoid insolvency. Along with Kate, Adrian and Chris, John gave a personal interest free loan to AuSAE to stave off bankruptcy.  When the association regained financial and reputational stability, John left the Board and was engaged to undertake the national financial management of AuSAE - which was done with accuracy and activity based costing was introduced - plus NSW Chapter management. John left active involvement with AuSAE when national financial management and New South Wales Division activities were transferred to others in the late 1990s.

John Peacock, General Manager of Associations Forum Pty Ltd, is one of Australia’s most experienced advisors to associations and charities and is a thought leader for the not-for-profit sector. John, with a BCom (University of NSW), has senior management and Directorship experience in a variety of not-for-profit organisations. John commenced his career as a professional association manager in 1989 at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and became CEO of a medium sized legal association within 10 years. Since 2000, John has trained and consulted to hundreds of associations and charities, large and small, on strategic, governance, board effectiveness, operations, restructuring and financial issues. As well as engagement on specific projects, John’s business undertakes whole-of-organisation reviews of associations and charities. John’s operational specialisation is developing plans that can be translated into actions, budgets and job descriptions. His change specialisation is in the field of mergers of associations. In 2008, John responded to the Australian Senate Inquiry into NFP Regulation, in 2009 he wrote submissions to the Productivity Commission regarding their Inquiry into the Not-for-Profit sector and in 2012 he wrote submissions to Australian Treasury on the proposed Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. John has led the expansion of Associations Forum beyond Australia with conferences, training and consulting. Since 2009, he has spoken at association training events in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Philippines, India, USA and South Africa. John Peacock strongly believes that the freedom to associate is a core foundation of democracy. Strong and well-governed associations and charities support their members or their cause, are independent of government and bureaucracy, plus generate jobs for employees and income for suppliers. John welcomes the opportunity to discuss how associations & charities are improving the world – and how to run your organisation to meet its potential.

Kate Hartwig - Life Membership granted 2013 

I credit AuSAE with turning me into an Association Executive.  When I joined the organisation in 1987 I could barely spell “Association Executive” let alone be one!  As many of us do, I was struggling along in a vacuum feeling isolated and unsure of everything.  But the great Tony Gentile suggested that I should join AuSAE and that decision changed my professional life.  It wasn’t so much the PD opportunities – excellent though they were.  It was the people I met at the monthly luncheons in Sydney who so generously gave of their time and experience that made the difference.  At last there were peers who understood the challenges I was facing and were available at the end of the phone or over a coffee to mentor and guide me through those first years in the profession. I quickly became actively involved in the organisation, being elected to the NSW Committee and eventually becoming President in that State.  I also served on the National Board where we were working on the formation of a National AuSAE and had grown to the point where we could appoint a full-time CEO.  Unfortunately the choice of individual for the role proved to be a costly one and by the time I took over as National President in 1998 AuSAE was essentially broke.  But we would not let it die and with the help and support of some very committed individuals – particularly Chris Davis, John Peacock and Adrian Hart – the next two years were spent putting the pieces back together, shoring up support from the States and finally, at the AGM where Chris Davis took the Chair in 2000, gaining ratification for a new Constitution - becoming the National organisation we knew we had to be and laying the foundation for the Australasian Society of Association Executives we have today.

Kate started her career as an Association Executive with the South Australian Employer’s Federation, multi-managing a range of industry and professional organisations.  She moved to Sydney in 1987 and was appointed CEO of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association, then Executive Director of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and CEO of the Australian Video Retailers Association.  She moved to Melbourne in 1999 and took on roles with Software Engineering Australia and as CEO of the Retirement Village Association. Kate moved back to Adelaide in 2005 and into the charity sector as CEO of the AIDS Council of SA and Cystic Fibrosis SA. Apart from her involvement in AuSAE, Kate has been a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Institution of Chartered Accountants since 1992 and was a Governor of the AIDS Trust of Australia. Kate holds a Bachelor of Laws and an MBA and is now working as a Consultant to the NFP sector.

Simon Pryor - Life Membership granted 2013

Simon Pryor FSAE FAIM is the Immediate Past President – and a Fellow - of the Australian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE) and currently serves AuSAE as Principal Professional Learning and Certification Advisor. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Mathematical Association of Victoria – the professional association for mathematicseducators. Simon Pryor is President of the Council of Professional Teaching Associations of Victoria (CPTAV). He was a director and Company Secretary of Performing Arts Moreland, a not-for-profit company responsible for the celebrated Brunswick Music Festival for seven years to June 2013 and in 2009 completed a ten-year stint as Chairman of Mountain Goat Beer Pty Ltd, a popular and successful boutique brewery in Richmond, Victoria. Simon Pryor has experience as an evaluator, policy developer and commentator, strategicplanner, curriculum developer, conference presenter, meetings and events organiser, as a business facilitator and trainer, and in economic research. He has also continually served as an executive officer of professional, education and industry associations for the past thirty years, including the Meetings Industry Association of Australia in Victoria, Moreland Community Enterprise Centre, Employment and Economic Development Corporation, Engineering Education Australia, and the Victorian Association for Drama in Education. Hehas also had experience in the political arena, serving as Mayor and Councillor at the City of Brunswick. In addition, he also has previous experience as a journalist, teacher, actor and tram conductor.

Barrie Cooper - Life Membership granted 2013

Barrie is the Executive Director of the New Zealand Security Association, based in Auckland.He has held this position for over six years and has been instrumental in the restructuring of the Association into a vibrant and financially sound voluntary member based organisation.Previously he was the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Property Institute before setting up his own consultancy business in managing and advising not for profit organisations.Barrie is a founder member of Associations New Zealand and a past president.He co-authored the two Association's manuals on governance and administration.He still holds a Board position as is a Fellow of that organisation. He is also Chairman of Radio Lollipop New Zealand, an international charity for children in hospitals.He was instrumental in forming what was then the New Zealand Society of Association Executives, which morphed into an Australia New Zealand organisation and is now AuSAE.

Chris Davis - Life Membership granted 2013

Chris Davis is a past CEO of the Australian Water and Wastewater Association.  He joined the NSW Board of AuSAE in the mid ‘90’s and was NSW President from 1998 – 2000.  He also joined the National Board and was elected as Vice-President in 1998, just as the out-going President and Executive Officer resigned and announced that the organisation was effectively broke. Together with incoming National President, Kate Hartwig and fellow Directors John Peacock and Adrian Hart he gave a personal interest free loan to AuSAE to stave off bankruptcy and worked on a major restructure of the organisation over the next two years. The team worked tirelessly to rescue AuSAE, prop up member and State support and convince all stakeholders that a new and stronger AuSAE was both desirable and achievable. These efforts resulted in the transformation of AuSAE from a State-based federation to a single National entity. The vote took place and was carried at the Annual General Meeting in 2000, where Chris also became the first National President of the new AuSAE and oversaw the implementation of the National constitution and the dissolution of the former independent State associations. In 2005 Chris was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, in 2007 Chris resigned from the CEO role at the Australian Water Association and joined Parkinson’s NSW. Chris has been President of Parkinson’s NSW since 2010, giving him a fresh perspective on staff and board interaction.

Roy Adam - Life Membership granted pre 2012

Cliff Dodds - Life Membership granted pre 2012

Max Farley  - Life Membership granted pre 2012

Bill Freeman - Life Membership granted pre 2012

AuSAE Fellows

Following is a list of individuals who have attained Fellow and Associate Fellow Status with the Australasian Society of Association Executives through demonstrating their experience and commitment to the profession:

  • Adrian Hart FSAE, Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Queensland
  • Alan Marshall FSAE
  • Alison Carmichael FSAE, Agsafe
  • Andrew Higginson FSAE, HGH Consultants Pty Ltd
  • Barrie Cooper FSAE, The Cooper Group
  • Brett Wright FSAE, Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Queensland
  • Bryan Nye FSAE, Australasian Railway Association
  • Caroline Hong FSAE
  • Charles Hardy FSAE, Community Management Solutions
  • Christine Brill FSAE, Australian Medical Association (ACT)
  • Cliff Dodds FSAE
  • David Hocking FSAE, Spatial Industries Business Association
  • Frank Bruhn FSAE, Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering Ltd
  • Graham Bradshaw FSAE, Retail Cycle Traders Australia
  • Ian Booth FSAE, Australasian Corrosion Association Inc.
  • Jack de Lange FSAE, Spatial Industries Business Association
  • John Collyns FSAE, Retirement Villages Association NZ
  • John Peacock FSAE, NFP Analysts Pty Ltd
  • Jon Bisset FSAE, Community Broadcasting Association of Australia
  • Joseph Chakman FSAE , Optometrists Association Australia
  • Julian Ledger FSAE, YHA Ltd
  • Julie O'Donovan FSAE, Diabetes Australia - Queensland
  • Julie Young FSAE, The Institute of Internal Auditors - Australia
  • Les Marshall FSAE, WA Master Ladies Hairdresser Association
  • Linda Bennison FSAE, Australian Society of Soil Science Inc
  • Leisa Donlan FSAE, Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia
  • Mark Franklin FSAE, Ethic Communities Council
  • Megan Lavender FSAE, Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • Michael Anderson FSAE, Canadian Society of Association Executives
  • Michael Edwards FSAE, Nepean Division of General Practice Inc
  • Michelle Blicavs FSAE, IAP2 Australasia
  • Michelle Trute FSAE, Diabetes Australia - Qld
  • Monica Holmes FSAE, WA Achievement Association Inc
  • Nick Koerbin FSAE, Association Executive Services Inc
  • Nick Hill FSAE, Building Officials Institute of New Zealand
  • Noela L'Estrange FSAE, Queensland Law Society
  • Peter Fitzpatrick AM JP FSAE, Crusader Management Group Limited
  • Richard Gerner FSAE, Professional Association Management Services
  • Richard Stokes FSAE, Australian Boarding Schools Association
  • Rosemary Scott AFSAE
  • Roy Adam FSAE, Nazareth Village
  • Simon Pryor FSAE, Mathematical Association of Victoria
  • Tony Steven FSAE, Australian Medical Association (TAS)


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