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Australasian Society of Association Executive

In 2014, AuSAE celebrated its 60th year anniversary, and since then has continued to experience a period of unparalleled growth where it is expected to reach significant milestones including its largest ever membership peak. Now is an ideal time to become a part of this exciting history. In 2011 the Australian Society of Association Executives merged with Associations New Zealand to become the Australasian Society of Association Executives.

      Past Presidents of Australasian Society of Association Executives
2014 - Current        Graham Catt - Australian Veterinary Association
2014 - 2015             NIck Hill - Building Officials Institute of New Zealand
2012 - 2014             Tony Steven – Australian Medical Association Tasmania
2012 – 2012            Simon Pryor – Mathematical Society of Victoria

Australian Society of Association Executives

The Australian Society of Association Executives was founded in 1954 in Victoria during a conference held at the Australian Administrative Staff College. AuSAE was originally called the Secretaries Club after the organisation in the UK that was established in 1933 (and is now known as the Institute of Association Management). Initially membership was restricted to Chief Executives of appropriate associations. The foundation membership consisted of 25 members. After the membership criteria was extended in the 1960s to include other Senior Executives membership grew rapidly over the years to well over 800 members. In 1961 the Secretaries Club rebranded to become the Society of Association Executives in 1961. Societies were formed in New South Wales in 1967, Western Australia in 1969 and Queensland in 1984. Over the years AuSAE gradually consolidated into a single national entity.

      Past Presidents of AuSAE (prior to merger)
2007 – 2012    Simon Pryor – Mathematical Society of Victoria
2004 – 2007    Ashley Ward – Enabling Queensland
2002 – 2004    Leisa Donlan – Association of Rotational Moulders
2000 – 2002    Chris Davis – Australian Water Association
1998 – 2000    Kate Hartwig – Australian Video Retailers Association
1996 – 1998    Steven Bowman - Australian Institute of Bankers
1995 – 1996    Mark Franklin - Children's Cancer Institute of Australia

In the presidential term changed from calendar year to reappointment at AGM time.
1994    Don Smith - Australian Institute of Valuers and Land Economists NSW Division
1993     Gordon Graham - Institution of Engineers Australia Qld Division
1992     Bob Welch - Surf Lifesaving Western Australia 

New Zealand Society of Association Executives

The New Zealand Society of Association Executives was founded in Auckland in 1993 and shortly afterwards fully functioning branches were formed in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The Association grew to some 160 members with a very strong focus on Chief Executives and senior managers. Over time it became evident there was a market for more than just individual membership and some associations lobbied for association membership to advantage their wider employee group. In 2004, a decision was made to restructure and rebrand to Associations New Zealand Incorporated (ANZi) with a strategy to provide services to all levels of a NFP organisation from board member to new employee recruits. ANZi prospered through the late 1990’s early 2000’s.

      Past Presidents of Associations New Zealand  (prior to merger)
2006-2011 Nick Hill
2000-2005 Struck
1997-1999 Barrie Cooper
1996-1997 Malcolm Congdon
1995-1996 Enrico Vink
1993-1995 Graeme Weir

Do you know more?

We are currently compiling a history of AuSAE and would appreciate if you could contact us if you have any information you can share (significant events, past presidents, etc).

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