Train Brains to Produce Many Good Ideas

29 Oct 2021 7:09 AM | Brett Jeffery, CAE (Administrator)

Someone recently asked me, “your blog posts keep coming and coming. Where do you find all these ideas?”

Ideas are a renewable resource in the best sense of the phrase. Thoughts spawn more thoughts. We all have access to more idea opportunities at our disposal than we could ever possibly do.

So what do you do when good ideas seem scarce?

Train your brain and the minds of your staff.

  1. Commit to a deadline: I’ve committed to publishing a post every Tuesday and Thursday, and so my mind works away in the background identifying and sorting through publishable ideas.
  2. Create space: Usually, an epiphany strikes during a quiet time like walking, and I’ll voice record a few notes, so I don’t forget the idea.
  3. Remind yourself of the objective: When I first set out on my morning walk, I usually think, “it’s time to come up with this week’s post idea.”

A New Metric for Associations

Start coming up with ideas, and you might find that more and more great ideas keep coming your way.

You are never going to please everyone” is one of the truest statements in association management. Members have different lived experiences, so each one perceives things differently. Some members may LOVE your keynote, while others won’t. Some people flock to the reception while many others stay in their room. Some use the research, while others can’t be bothered, but they’ll read the short articles.

It is emotionally difficult to pour your heart and soul into an event, or report, or any other member-facing endeavor and get a more tepid response than you hoped for, or worse criticism. The natural impulse to these reactions is to pull back, make your output so generic, no one can criticize it. But when no one can criticize, no one can fully engage either.

Having a few haters (and lots of lovers) might be a good metric of success for associations.

By Amanda Kaiser 

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