Key Benchmarks on Membership Trends your Association should be tracking

29 Feb 2024 4:17 PM | Sarah Gamble (Administrator)

Associations play a critical role in representing and serving their members. However, as member demographics, expectations, and behaviours evolve, associations must continuously adapt to remain relevant. Understanding key benchmarks and trends is essential for associations to provide maximum value in our rapidly changing landscape. 

The recent Association Benchmarks webinar, presented by Survey Matters offered invaluable insights into the top membership benchmarks trends that association executives should watch and take advantage of in 2024. 

In the introductory remarks, Brenda Mainland, Co-Founder and Director at Survey Matters, emphasises the importance for associations to adapt to changing member expectations and behaviours. As younger generations comprise a growing share of members, associations must provide more personalised and on-demand experiences. 

Here are five key benchmarks to consider: 

1. Virtual and Hybrid Engagement 

The pandemic accelerated the shift towards virtual and hybrid engagement models. Members now expect options to participate and network remotely. Successful associations will adopt tech tools to seamlessly integrate in-person and virtual experiences. For example, a survey revealed that 87% of association members want hybrid event options. 

2. Data-Driven Insights 

Leveraging the wealth of member data available, associations should tap into analytics to extract actionable insights. Monitoring metrics like member sentiment, engagement, and satisfaction enables to delivery of more tailored offerings. One association saw a 10% increase in renewal rates after implementing a data analytics platform. 

3. Career-Focused Learning 

Members increasingly seek professional development and skills training from associations. Providing career-focused education and networking caters to this demand while driving loyalty. Over two-thirds of millennial members identify learning opportunities as a top benefit. 

4. Community Building 

Members highly value networking and connecting with peers in their industry or profession. Associations should facilitate community building through forums, meetups, and social platforms. One association achieved a 20% increase in engagement by launching a members-only online community. 

5. Personalised Experiences 

Customisation is key. Associations should leverage data to provide targeted recommendations and tailored journeys based on each member's needs and interests. Personalised content generates about 14% higher member satisfaction on average. 

In summary, associations must continuously evolve as member behaviours and expectations change. By embracing virtual engagement, data insights, career development, community building, and personalisation, associations can remain indispensable to their members in our digital-first world. 

The Association Benchmarks webinar provides a wealth of practical advice and examples for implementing these trends. Make sure to watch the full webinar to equip your association for continued success in 2024 and beyond. 

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