Recruitment Tips - Things have changed

24 Apr 2014 1:56 PM | Louise Stokes
The recruitment process has changed.

In the old days, prospective members would have contacted you for information about what you offer. Today they are likely to check you out and get the information they need from your web site. The balance of knowledge is different.

In fact, if your web site is easy to navigate and clearly shows where the value is, they might sign up directly via the web.

So if they do phone you, it is likely to be with a specific question about the joining process, or because they are not sure if membership will suit them or not. This means you have to go into problem solving mode, not sales mode. You have to understand the problem they are trying to solve and then clarify how membership will help solve that problem for them.

The critical parts of the recruitment process are now:
  • Having a reason to come find you
  • A great web site
  • A clear and compelling value proposition
  • An easy joining process
  • People they can talk to who are great at problem solving.
Are you strong in each of these areas?

Mapping out the journey into membership by stepping into the prospective members shoes would be very valuable in revealing the parts of that experience that could be improved.

Try before you buy?
If membership is a significant investment, prospects may need more convincing that it is the right thing to do.

They might want to try you out before they commit. Consider offering ‘membership for a day’. Give them the opportunity to attend an event or gain an experience that members get – but for just one day.

Relevant approaches

If you know the joining triggers that prompt interest in joining you can engage in a meaningful dialogue with a prospective member.

If you can determine these triggers then set up a ‘Google Alert’ for it. Now Google will let you know about news of organisations or people who are reporting these triggers.

For example, the appointment of a new manager or director. You could follow that up with a congratulatory message, highlighting how membership helps someone in that specific role.
A similar alert could be set up when someone is promoted to a new position. These would be very relevant.

Article by Sue Froggatt

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