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Networking Lunches - The Next Gen - Are you Ready for the Future?

25 Sep 2017 11:37 AM | Deleted user

For several years, we have been debating the issue of Millennials, with organisations focused on how to recruit and best manage this tech savvy, materialistic, and connected demographic. However, Generation Z – born between 1994 and 2010 – is currently entering the workforce and it is vital we understand who they are, what talents they bring, and what challenges we might face in engaging with them.

Understanding the values that Gen Z hold, and what drives them will help us to shape how our organisations meet their needs and maximize their contribution. This networking lunch topic will discuss the typical attributes we can expect of this new generation, what their likely motivations are, and how their career priorities may differ. Focusing on the psychology of young employees and how leaders might effectively influence this generation, this discussion offers insight into possible differences but importantly also highlights how they are similar to current generations.

We hope you can join us and connect with others in the industry to discuss if our organisations are ready for a changed world. To register, click on the dates below: 

Sydney - Wednesday 4 October 
Brisbane - Thursday 5 October 
Canberra - Monday 9 October 
Perth - Wednesday 11 October
Melbourne - Tuesday 24 October 

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