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Shark Scientist Amanda Elizabeth announced as Ocean Lead

26 Feb 2018 4:35 PM | Deleted user

Shark Scientist announced as Ocean Lead at the United Nations Association (Western Australia)

Media Release - 26 February 2018

Amanda Elizabeth, Shark Scientist and Founder of the Fin Free Soup initiative, has just been appointed as the Ocean Lead for the United Nations Association (Western Australia). In her newly created role, Elizabeth will manage the Ocean Portfolio, organise ocean based events and drive public awareness about marine conservation.

Amanda says, “I’m thrilled to be announced as the Ocean Lead for the United Nations Association for Western Australia. It is a great honour to represent such a prestigious association and my new role will enable me to share my passion for conservation and provide a platform to make a difference.

"I am excited to be a part of this incredible organisation that works tirelessly to raise awareness about environmental issues. In leading the Ocean Portfolio I intend to bring awareness to a number of oceanic issues, placing a strong focus on plastics in the ocean and the ways in which this can be addressed,” adds Amanda.

With a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in both Marine and Biological Science from Murdoch University, Amanda finished in the top 5% of students. Following this she completed her Masters in (Marine) Biological Science at the University of Western Australia under the supervision of renowned Shark Scientists Professor Shaun Collin and Dr Ryan Kempster.

“I have a passion for protecting marine life and have a strong belief that there are better options out there to protect ocean users but also conserve marine life in its natural state. My focus is on the conservation of sharks with a focus on the electroreceptive thresholds of sharks and rays,” said Amanda.

About the United Nations Association (Western Australia):

The Western Australian Division of the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAAWA) work to connect the WA community, government and other stakeholders with the work, goals and values of the UN. They operate at a state level to achieve positive change in support of the charter, aims and ideals of the United Nations.

Amanda Elizabeth is an expert in the field of Shark Biology and as a Shark Scientist is available and ready to educate everyone from parents of kids taking part in nippers through to the decision makers at a National Government level. Her passion for the environment and conservation is second to none.

This article was originally sourced from PRWire

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