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How Digital Credentials Can Help Associations Recruit New Members

28 May 2019 3:58 AM | Brett Jeffery (Administrator)

With a large percentage of associations looking to grow their membership base – digital credentialing is an essential recruitment and recognition tool.

Associations provide members with opportunities to continue their learning and development throughout their career pathway. The face to face networking and upskilling opportunities play a pivotal piece in changing our workforce landscape.

Associations are the creators of standards for employees by providing industry-specific knowledge. The Association’s role in the New Education Paradigm report sums up the opportunity: “We [Associations] are already part of the world of the employers we serve. We can rapidly build professional development programs that directly address the specific needs of our industries and professions and create a pipeline of qualified candidates.”

By providing professional, relevant skills development – Associations can offer credible professional development for their members. By recognising these achievements through digital credentials Associations can also provide members with portable, verifiable and secure credentials.

These digital credentials are ‘highly-visual and shareable online, making it a more engaging and distinct benefit for your members. Every credential is backed by metadata that details the certifications and provides members with proof of learning. Once a member earns a digital credential from your association, they can easily share it on professional networks, online job banks, resumes, and email signatures--making your association and members that earn your credentials more visible on social media. On average, LinkedIn members with certifications receive 6 times more views to their profile.’

Credentials are ranked within the top three benefits for Association members. By optimising certification programmes through issuing digital credentials, members can showcase their achievements leading to career opportunities and promotions. These shared impressions on social platforms also increases the Associations brand exposure which supports recruitment. IBM’s digital credential programme has garnered more than 200 million social media impressions equating to $39,000US per month in marketing value.

Digital credentialing membership and professional development offers measurable impact to both the Association and the individual member through recognition of skills achievement and verification of membership providing a sustainable and cyclical return on investment.

If you are looking for revenue growth by increasing your membership base and are interested in having a deeper look at how digital credentialing can support your Association –email us to find out more at

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