2020 Webinar Vision - Taking your Association to the next level

  • 30 Jan 2020
  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (UTC+11:00)
  • Online - join via your computer!

Date: Thursday January 30, 2020 

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2020 Webinar Vision – Taking Your Association to the Next Level

Over the past ten years we have formed quite a love-hate relationship with webinars – some programs have been amazing, others have flopped, and some, have just kept going slow and steady…

So what’s in store for 2020? What can we expect and how can we take our programs to the next level? In this webinar we will discuss what is hot in 2020 and uncover key trends that we should be watching out for.

Register to discover:

  • When do audiences prefer to attend webinars?
  • What's the preferred duration for digital events?
  • How do audiences prefer to consume content?
  • What keeps us online and engaged for the entire duration?
  • Top trends to watch out for in 2020


Sara Drury, GM Digital Events – Redback Connect 

Sara manages the fast-growing digital events arm of Redback, which runs over 150 managed webinars monthly for corporate, government and not-for-profit customers.

After joining Redback more than a decade ago, she works closely with sales, marketing and delivery to provide organisations with frictionless, seamless events that take the stress out of their online programs and increase the overall production quality.

Daniel Kim, Head of Support - Redback Connect

Daniel has extensive experience in communications, media and customer service. He is a dynamic radio and webinar presenter, who often hosts the monthly Business Skills Series live Webinar.

Daniel has been using teleconferencing and web and video collaboration tools for years, and understands the benefits that One Touch delivers.

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