2019 AuSAE LINC Conference - Speakers

     Keynote Speakers

    Bonita Nuttall, TV Host and Inspirational speaker
    A small town girl, Bonita Nuttall has always had big dreams. “At school, I was that kid whose hand shot up the moment an oral exam was announced ”. Today, with over 20 years worth of experience collectively as a speaker, MC, coach and mentor, investigative journalist, TV Presenter and voice artist, Bonita is a communication specialist.
    Founder and director of her company OUT-Standing Presenters, Bonita helps others claim their own authentic voice, so they can speak up and be heard in business and in life. She coaches from executives to lawyers and entrepreneurs to deliver presentations that improve careers, companies, and lives.

    As an inspirational speaker, Bonita helps businesses accelerate their staff’s productivity and motivation. Her talks have been known for inspiring audiences to embrace change, increase resilience and foster a positive culture of teamwork that cultivates success. Her charisma and the depth contribute to an atmosphere where attendees are delighted, and you, as the organizer, shine!

    Program Description: Wednesday 2:45 am

    Closing Keynote Develop Mindset Fitness To Make You Unstoppable

    Great leaders are able to first lead themselves, and then others. This inspirational, practical talk will show you the three valuable and practical strategies for developing mindset fitness to transform how you show up and led in your career, business, team and in life.
    If you want to:
    • Become a more influential, impactful leader
    • Advance into a management role
    • Build long-lasting, valuable professional and personal relationships
    • Develop thriving, high-performing teams
    • Grow your business
    • Excel in your career

    Then this is for you!

    In this talk, I’ll show you how to:
    • Develop the mindset of great leaders to transform the way you lead yourself, and others
    • Lead with greater authenticity, influence and presence
    • Improve resilience
    • Manage your own moods, attitudes and states (e.g. when public speaking, asking for a pay rise, or having difficult conversations)
    • Self-motivate to achieve any outcome you want
    • Establish a positive culture of teamwork that cultivates success
    • Get a deeper understanding of yourself and how to relate with others
    When you master the art of self-leadership, you enhance the quality of your entire life.

    Diana Thomson, Director - Speech Marks Diana has a Bachelor of Property from the University of Auckland and was a Commercial Real Estate Manager for 15 years before moving to Singapore. Whilst there she was an International Relocations Consultant and workshop presenter, she has the Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator Bronze designation and is a Certified DISC trainer in personality profiling. 
    She is a member of INK Consulting Associates and Club Leader of the first New Zealand and only International Speaker Sisterhood. In 2013 she reached the national finals of the Singapore Toastmasters Speech Evaluation contest. She uses these skills to help guide her clients.

    Program Description: Wednesday 11:00 am 

    Helping women speak up helps everyone and could solve the gender diversity dilemma one speech at a time

    It makes business sense to have mixed gender teams, they are proving to out perform single gender teams in many performance indicators. But in many industries there is a seeming shortage of qualified women for senior roles even those that have a 50% share in early career years.  
    Public speaking skills are essential for career advancement, and creating visible female leaders. So it makes sense to foster them early in a woman's career to create a positive ripple effect through a company, association or industry.  Diana reviews how to address this as a new option in the diversity toolbox.

    Jim Anderson, CAEPresident  & CEO - California Society of Association Executives
    Jim Anderson has spent his career in nonprofit management and leadership.  He currently leads the California Society of Association Executives as the President  & CEO, a position he’s held since 2003.  CalSAE has over 1,400 members, a year-round volunteer corps of 170, a Board of 12 Directors and a staff of six.  Previously, Jim worked for the United Way California Capitol Region for 16 years, and left the organization as its Executive Vice President.  (United Way is a nonprofit charitable organization that works with employers and their employees to raise and distribute funds to local nonprofit organizations.  They raised over $13 million during the year of Jim’s departure).

    Program Descriptions
    The Situation Room: - Monday 2:00 pm  

    Enter the situation room – explore real life challenges faced by other association executives; work with your peers to craft possible solutions; learn “what really happened” and discuss the results that occurred.

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    Major trends impacting associationsKeynote Address - Wednesday 9:00 am  This presentation will address major trends impacting associations, provide suggestions and thought provoking questions, and offer tips and insights on association governance & leadership.

    These sessions are supported by Tourism New Zealand - Business Events

    John Quinn, Presentologist - AudienceAl!ve

    Raised and Educated in Ireland, John Quinn arrived in the United Arab Emirates in 1996 determined to make the difference between presentations that fall flat, and that ‘seal the deal’. After several years with Philips Middle East he started Satellite Group in Dubai Media City in 2001. In 2015, John added www.audiencealive.com service to his worldwide portfolio and expanded his business to cover Australia and NZ. Since 2001, John has provided custom presentation services for over 500 international clients resulting in over 25000 slides and too many bullet points to count! John’s creativity and professional design experience will result in an effective presentation with impact. 

    Program Description: Closing Keynote: Wednesday 2:15 pm
    Could your presentation be better? Presentations have evolved. It’s no longer acceptable to stand in front of an audience and read off your slides. Add imagery. Ban the bullet point. Engage your audience. Present with impact. The session will be packed full of innovative ideas, case studies and advice on incorporating the latest presentation techniques. John will show you how to banish death-by-powerpoint forever!

    Program Description: Closing Keynote: Wednesday 2:15 pm

    Matt Johns, CEO - Deliberat 

    Matt has extensive experience guiding and working with leadership groups throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond. He has helped Executive Teams and Boards bring clarity to their strategy; defining winning aspirations and making clear choices on where to play and how to win.

    Having acted as the Chief Strategy Officer at a Big Four Consulting firm, Matt is experienced at separating the important from the urgent. He coaches senior leaders, including CEO’s and Chairs on communication skills and how to inspire and engage employees.

    Matt is passionate about deliberately designed experiences – for both customers and employees, and places significant value in understanding how people are feeling and thinking before designing targeted solutions. To achieve this, Matt has developed a unique methodology incorporating ethnography as a way to understand people and their unique behaviours. This approach draws on his wider experience, including as an intelligence operative in the UK police to understand how emotions and motivations impact individual behaviour

    Program Description: Opening Keynote: Tuesday 10:00 pm
    Principles behind great member experience

    1. What member experience actually is and why it is so important for your organisation
    2. The principles behind great experience and which are the most important
    3. How to understand your members and how to use that insight to make better strategic choices

    Ngahihi o te ra Bidois , Inspirational International Speaker  
    Ngahihi has a Marketing Business degree, a post graduate diploma secondary teacher’s qualification, a tourism qualification and a Masters in Education with honours.

    He is the National Speakers Association New Zealand (Auckland) 2007 Master of Ceremonies of the Year and the 2007 Bright Star Speaker of the Year, 2008 Inspirational Speaker of the Year, 2008 Speaker of the Year and 2009 Master of Ceremonies of the Year.
    Ngahihi o te ra Bidois has helped many Business Leaders, Educational Leaders, Sports Leaders and Community Leaders to increase their spheres of influence. He has presented in various countries including Malaysia, Singapore, America, England as well as conferences and seminars throughout New Zealand. Applying Ancient Wisdom from his indigenous culture Ngahihi offers pieces of wisdom in an inspiring and informing manner.

    Program Description: Closing Day one Keynote: Tuesday 4:45 pm
    Ancient Wisdom and Modern Solutions 

    Inspirational”, “Awesome”, “One of the most powerful experiences of my life”, “Highly memorable”

    Susan Freeman-Greene, Chief Executive - Engineering New Zealand

    Susan has been Chief Executive of Engineering New Zealand since February 2015. She is transforming the engineering professional body into an outward-facing organisation dedicated to engineering better lives for New Zealanders. Engineering New Zealand changed its name from IPENZ in October 2017 and at the same time introduced a revamped membership pathway appealing to a broad range of engineering professionals. Membership is 22,000 and growing. Before starting at Engineering New Zealand, Susan was Chief Executive of the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Susan is also on the Board of TeamTalk and a Board Trustee of the New Zealand Festival.

    Program Description: Tuesday 11:30 am 
    How Engineering New Zealand transformed to bring engineering to life
    The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand had a serious image problem. Known as IPENZ, it was the representative body for ‘professional engineers’ in New Zealand. It operated and looked very much like a conservative, narrow, old-fashioned, overly rules-based, internally focused and somewhat elitist club. Like many associations around the world, it was at real risk of becoming irrelevant. What’s more, outside of the largely civil/structural engineering community, no one knew who IPENZ was or what it did.

    So IPENZ transformed into a modern, accessible, relevant, inclusive and external facing organisation representing engineering professionals from all walks of life – Engineering New Zealand. Based on four strategic pillars of that support our mission of bringing engineering to life: recognition, credibility, influence and connection. As well as changing our name, we changed our membership pathway to make us a professional home for a broader range of engineering professionals. And we are seeing the results – greater membership numbers, more media engagement, winning awards, a voice at policy tables, government invitations to provide ‘neutral expert opinion’ and more.
    Susan will talk about five key things we’ve learned along this transformation journey.

     Conference Speakers

    Belinda Moore - Director, Strategic Membership Solutions
    Belinda is passionate about associations, charities and other not-for-profit organisations - and the critical role they play in fostering a healthy, vibrant, inclusive and sustainable society.
    Belinda has been involved in the sector in a wide variety of capacities since the early 1990s. She is Australasia’s foremost membership specialist and has assisted thousands of member-based not-for-profit organisations with their challenges. She specialises in training, motivating and up-skilling boards, staff and volunteers to improve membership performance.

    Program Description: Tuesday 2:45 pm

    How Associations Can Navigate the Rapidly Changing Landscape to Ensure Future Success - Association Apocalypse
    In this session Belinda will talk about the 6 trends transforming the association sector, the new business models associations will need to adapt to be successful and the 11 enablers they will also need to get right along the way. Attendees will leave armed with insights and ideas they can apply to generate immediate positive results for their association.

    Brett Jeffery, General Manager New Zealand - AuSAE
    Brett is passionate about ensuring not-for-profit leaders receive opportunities to network and further their careers.  Having been involved in the membership engagement and high level marketing in a wide variety of capacities for over 20 years. He is one of New Zealand’s top membership connection specialist and has assisted hundreds of member-based not-for-profit organisations with their engagement processes. Specialising in assisting and up-skilling staff, volunteers and boards to improve member value.

    Program Description: Tuesday 3:45 pm
    We Want You Back: Tools to Re-engage Lapsed Members 
    An association’s goal is to provide meaningful experiences so that members stay engaged, but what happens to the lapsed members? What can you do to bring them back? In this session, get the tools you can use to re-engage lapsed members and bring them back into the fold. The session is guaranteed to be interactive with actionable concepts that you can take away

    Craig Young, Chief Executive - TUANZ
    TUANZ a 32 year old membership organisation, since October 2014. Craig took on the organisation at a critical time in its life as many of the changes to the telecommunications industry it had worked for over many years came in to place and its future was somewhat tenuous. Four years on the organisation is clear on its message and future. 

    Program Description: Tuesday 2:00 pm

    Cyper & Privacy Panel

    Join Craig, Tony Krzyzewski a Compliance & Global Cyber Alliance Ambassador and Paul Ramsbottom from ASI  discussing data, techno and privacy issues.

    And what we can all do. 

    Debbie Mayo-Smith, Motivational Speaker and Trainer

    You will be saying ‘wow’ every few moments. This is because you’ll be learning easy, immediate solutions to your everyday business problems. This must be why Debbie is one of the most in-demand speakers in Australasia:

    • ‘I’ve been hiring speakers for over 17 years. Debbie’s presentation is the very best one we’ve had’ Paul Nielsen Solatube
    • ‘Your session was one of the gems of the WaterNZ conference.’
    • ‘Of the presenters, Debbie had the best response with the highest ranking by delegates. Corporate EA PA Summit
    • ;Debbie’s was the best presentation. Very informative. Praised by all delegates. Puvana Nadesan, Meals on Wheels NSW’
    • ’We love your tips. Some were life changing in terms of time savers’

    Program Description: Tuesday 2:45 pm
    How To Free Up At Least ½ An Hour Every Working Day. A treasure of practical, easy business changing productivity how-to’s to give you more time to do what you need or love to do

    Holly Morchat Stanko, General Manager - Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand
    Holly oversees operations of the Association along with a few key areas of focus including conferencing, events, website, communications and strategic partnerships. As a graduate of Texas A&M University and Victoria University of Wellington, Holly arrived in New Zealand in 2012 as a part of the Rotary Ambassadorial Programme and has been working with ACENZ since 2012.
    Actively involved in AuSAE New Zealand and the LINC conference committee, Holly enjoys learning from other associations in the membership throughout New Zealand and Australia.

    Program Description: Tuesday 3:45 pm
    Trends and issues in volunteer management 
    We all work with volunteers, and they are integral to our organisation’s success. And while sometimes it can feel like you’re herding cats, you can develop passionate, engaged volunteers to transform your association. Wherever you are in your journey, we all want to improve, so I’ll share some lessons learned, highlight some trends that are working well, and hopefully help facilitate connection between your organisations facing similar volunteer management issues.

    3 take aways / lessons learned:

    What is your volunteer ROI?
    Is it fit for purpose?
    Learn from my mistakes – leave room for the gray

    Jennifer Pelvin,  Butler Pelvin & Associates
    Jennifer has worked in the not for profit environment for over 30 years. She has a Master of Business Administration (not for profit), is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a certified Board Source governance trainer and is currently CEO of PodiatryNZ and the Telecare Services Association of New Zealand as well as the Chair of the Dietitians Registration Board.

    Program Description: Tuesday 4:15 pm

    Why Strategic Plans don’t work

    We can live the vision and the mission but when it comes to developing and delivering on a strategic plan, do we do this as well?    In this session we will explore why too many strategic plans end up buried three folders deep in your dropbox.  We will look at the common traps in the strategic planning process and hopefully get some tips on how to avoid them.

    Julian Moore, Director - SMS
    Julian Moore is Australasia’s foremost non-profit sponsorship practitioner specialising in charities, associations and other non-profits. He specialises in training, motivating and up-skilling boards and staff to improve sponsorship performance. Julian’s work predominately includes sponsorship consultancy, sponsorship seeking, in-house training, facilitation services and keynote speaking. Julian draws on his extensive experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom to deliver sponsorship outcomes for his clients. Julian is also an accomplished and entertaining speaker who regularly presents at events around the world. Throughout his presentations, he gives real world examples and case studies that inspire and motivate attendees. He focuses on providing practical and useful ideas that can be implemented immediately to start benefiting your organisation.

    Program Description: Wednesday 10:15 am
    Association Partnerships - What not to do! 

    Paul Ramsbottom, Managing Director - ASI (Asia-Pacific)
    Over the last 20+ years Paul has worked with more professional bodies, industry associations, charities and fundraisers than most people would gather in several lifetimes. He is passionate about helping Not-For-Profits and Associations reach their goals, through adopting new and innovative solutions to help them run more efficiently. He is Managing Director of ASI Asia-Pacific which has more than 600 Not-For-Profit clients in the region. Paul enjoys working everyday with great staff and great clients and is rewarded by seeing great things ASI clients using iMIS, Association Online and Donman systems do in and around the community and knowing that ASI is able to contribute to that.

    Program Description: Wednesday 1:25 pm
    A Balanced Approach to Member Engagement : Why one size doesn’t fit all

    You know that tracking and scoring member engagement is important but what are you doing with this intel?  What problems are you trying to identify and solve by measuring engagement?  At this session we’ll explore the strategies to achieve maximum impact with engagement measures and what exactly member engagement might mean in your association.

    Sally Bunce, Event and Member Services Director - Infrastructure NZ. Since joining Infrastructure NZ in 2016, Sally has established a reputation for providing first-class events including industry flagship event of the year, Building Nations Symposium. Sally also leads the Infrastructure NZ annual event programme which includes an international delegation, Chairman’s events, forums, and market engagement briefings. With over 15 years’ experience managing end-to-end event productions, Sally is adept at actualising visions from concept to implementation and delivery. Her event experience spans the globe, having run conferences and corporate events in the United States and the UK.
    As well as delivering a full calendar of events, Sally is also responsible for member services and is a go-to resource for stakeholders at Infrastructure NZ.

    Program Description: Tuesday 4:15 pm

    How to embrace sustainability at your conference
    How to embrace sustainability at your conference – Sustainability. Everyone’s talking about it but where do you start? Sally will provide tangible tools that you can implement at your next and future events regardless of size including how to get started on your sustainability journey, what to consider and how to communicate with your stakeholders.

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