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Volunteering Opportunities
We have a variety of volunteer opportunities and invite you to bring your skills to AuSAE. Whether you want to be a leader or simply lend a helping hand, we have an opportunity for you. Our members’ expertise in the areas of meetings, governance, education, marketing and human resources allow us to continue our success. 

New Zealand | AuSAE Committees in New Zealand 

  • LINC Committee | Mission Statement:  Provide strategic guidance and production support for AuSAE’s annual education and networking event with specific goals for: content, thought leadership, net revenue; number of paid attendees and overall evaluation rating. 
  • Advocacy Advisory Work Group | Purpose Statement:  The purpose of the Advocacy Advisory Work Group is to monitor legislation and engage members on issues that could potentially influence the general business practices of the association community. In addition: to work through the process of the government to establish a minister for the Incorporated Society Sector.  
  • Professional Development Committee | Mission Statement:  Ensure the development and implementation of diverse learning opportunities and innovative formats that are responsive to member needs and industry trends.
  • Emerging Leader Group Committee | Purpose Statement:  To accelerate high potential employees in the development of leadership capacity and capability.

How to Get Involved
Volunteering is just as easy as it is rewarding. We are looking for motivated AuSAE members to join our committees for 2021. Please review above committee descriptions and fill out the Volunteer Interest form.  Upon submission, you will be contacted by AuSAE staff regarding your interest.

Speaking at an AuSAE Networking or Educational Event  in NZ 
More information here however you can submit your contact information and session details online here.

Publications & Communications
Write an article - This is a great way to raise your profile - particularly if you've been involved with a successful project or activity that you can showcase. We are always interested in articles, case studies and commentary for publication on the website and in our publications.

Send us news - If you have news about you or your organisation (eg: changes in senior staff, amazing result with an advocacy campaign) or if you hear of any news that you would like to ensure other associations executives are aware of please let us know. We really appreciate the heads up.

Update your details 

Login to this website and ensure your details are as up-to-date as possible to ensure you won't miss out on important information or connections. Login here 

We all know that you get out of your membership what you are prepared to put in. However we all have significant time constraints that can make getting involved challenging.

To help you get involved in ways that suit you, we've listed lots of ideas on how you can get involved below.

If any of these are of interest please contact us. 

We'd love to hear from you!

Events & Training

Attend an event - Check out our events calendar to find what suits you
Australian events only
New Zealand Events only

Assist at an event - This generally involves setting up the registration table, welcoming delegates, handing out name badges and helping to ensure the event runs smoothly. contact us

Speak at an event - If you are an engaging speaker with an interesting story to tell please let us know. We are always on the lookout for good presenters who can share valuable information with the rest of the membership. contact us

Speak at an AuSAE Networking or Educational Event in NZ?
More information here however you can submit your contact information and session details online here.

AuSAE ASSIST – The Membership Professionals

Have a general question? Looking for feedback on a procedure? Looking for a referral? Want us to share a best practice?

Whether it’s about your conference, your survey, your membership campaign or your technology -- there’s no one better to ask than our experienced members and/or the staff of AuSAE - Contact us for more information 

Social Media 

Connect to us on social media - Connect to us via 

The AuSAE online community 

A great place to meet your peers and the association space, share information and get answers to the most pressing questions. Start or participate in an online discussion - Have your say today
Social network communities to date are:
AuSAE Business Events online community


Assist AuSAE with monitoring legislation - There is large volume of legislation moving through both the Australian and New Zealand parliaments. We are looking for members interested in assisting us by identifying legislation that will affect members (and their organisations). If you know of anything AuSAE should be taking action on please let us know.

If any of the above opportunities is of interest please contact us to get involved.

The Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE)

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