Meet Louise Reid: A Future Leader in the Association Sector

05 May 2023 9:36 AM | Sarah Gamble (Administrator)

In the ever-evolving association sector, nurturing future leaders is paramount. The Association of Australian Association Executives (AuSAE) and Adelaide Convention Centre supports the 2022 Future Leader Scholarship program which recognises emerging leaders in the association sector. Among its standout recipients is Louise Reid, currently serving as the Communications and Marketing Manager at Cooperative Research Australia (ACT).

The 2022 Future Leaders Program

The 2022 Future Leaders program is all about fostering leadership excellence in the association sector. Its aim is to equip emerging leaders with the skills and connections needed to propel both their organisations and the association sector to new heights. By investing in emerging leaders, this initiative supports the future success of the association sector.

Louise Reid: Shaping the Future of Association Leadership 

Louise Reid's diverse background sets her apart as a standout recipient of the 2022 Future Leader Scholarship program. Her career spans various sectors, including shipping and logistics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and even successful entrepreneurship. Today, she brings her extensive expertise to the field of research and innovation as the Communications and Marketing Manager at Cooperative Research Australia.

What defines Louise is her unwavering interest in business strategy and growth. She collaborates with authentic leaders who inspire their teams to achieve collective goals. Her dedication to fostering teamwork aligns perfectly with the program's goals.

As a recipient of the 2022 Future Leader Scholarship, Louise Reid embodies the qualities of a future association leader: innovative thinking, a strong sense of purpose, and a passion for continuous learning and growth. Her journey from diverse professional experiences to her current role reflects her adaptability and resilience—an important trait for any leader.

Louise Reid is poised to make a significant impact on the association sector. Her commitment to excellence, ability to inspire, and dedication to innovation will shape the future of association leadership.

We look forward to seeing Louise's contributions to her organisation and the broader community as she continues to grow as a future leader. 

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