Meet Tracey Rudd: The 2022 Future Leader Scholarship Recipient

07 Jul 2023 9:43 AM | Sarah Gamble (Administrator)

The future of the association sector is in good hands, and one shining example is Tracey Rudd. She's the recipient of the 2022 Future Leader Scholarship program, a joint initiative by AuSAE and the Adelaide Convention Centre. This program is all about nurturing emerging leaders, creating a network of dedicated individuals, and propelling the association sector into a brighter future.

Meet Tracey Rudd 

Tracey is currently the General Manager and Company Secretary of the Australian Rheumatology Association (ARA). Her journey to this leadership role is a fascinating one. She started with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Sydney University in 1993, laying a strong foundation in healthcare.

In addition to her pharmacy degree, Tracey holds a Certificate in Marketing and Management from Macquarie University. This commitment to continuous learning showcases her drive to evolve and excel in her career.

Diverse Professional Experience

Tracey's career path is a testament to her versatility. She has held various roles in the pharmacy field, ranging from community pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry to contributing to the National Prescribing Service. She even ventured into entrepreneurship, running her own medication review business.

However, her current role as General Manager at ARA marks her debut in the association sector. This transition is a testament to her adaptability and leadership potential.

The Future Leader Scholarship Program

Being selected as a 2022 Future Leader Scholarship recipient underscores Tracey Rudd's promise and dedication to the association sector. This program, powered by AuSAE and the Adelaide Convention Centre, equips emerging leaders with resources and a supportive network.

Tracey's participation in this program signifies her readiness to assume leadership roles that will shape the future of associations. Her diverse experience and commitment to innovation make her a leader to watch.

As Tracey Rudd continues to lead the Australian Rheumatology Association and a recipient in the Future Leader Scholarship program, she stands as a role model for aspiring association leaders. Her journey, characterised by education, adaptability, and innovation, promises to drive positive change in the association sector, both in Australia and beyond. 

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