Sydney - 6 June  |  Melbourne - 8 June | Adelaide - 20 June

Welcome to the AuSAE Member Experience (MX) Conference, the ultimate event for anyone who wants to take their member engagement, brand, and service delivery to the next level!

Join us for an exciting day of learning and education as we explore the connection between these critical elements to create truly memorable member experiences. Discover the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in member engagement that will help you drive member loyalty, increase brand awareness, and deliver exceptional services that exceed expectations.

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of learning, inspiration, and innovation as you network with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights from industry experts. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in the field, the AuSAE Member Experience Conference offers a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, grow your skills, and connect with a community of passionate and committed individuals.

Don't miss out on this incredible event that promises to be both educational and inspiring. Register now and join us for a day of learning, growth, and connection that will help you transform your member experience into something truly remarkable!

8:30 am

Registration, Morning Coffee and Networking

9:15 am

MX Opening Virtual Session - MemberShift: Why members leave and how to bring them back presented by Sarah Sladek

Membership organisations are reporting higher levels of disengagement and decline than ever before. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact no one really knows how to solve the problem. If they did, the decline would have reversed long ago.

Membership is not a recognised subject of expertise. There are no degrees, defined requirements, career paths, or educational tracks. This means the strategies essential to member engagement and growth have remained largely unknown, overlooked, guessed, or left to chance. It also means associations have continued to borrow best practices from business and non-profit models or relied on the traditions of the past. 

A new membership strategy is urgently needed, and Sarah Sladek has discovered it.

10:00 am

MX Insights Session - What really matters to members presented by Brenda Mainland

After more than a decade of conducting membership research for associations, Survey Matters has gained a wealth of knowledge about what drives engagement and what members want from their memberships.

During this session, we will discuss our findings and what they mean for your association. We’ll also look at Net Promoter Score benchmarks and the reasons why members join or belong.

11:00 - 11:30 am

Morning Tea & Networking

11:30 am

MX Roundtables - COMM*BAT™ workshop facilitated by Felicity Zadro, founder and managing director, ZADRO

How to communicate your association's value to your members

If your communications has gone off course, it’s time to rally the troops and review your battle plan.

In this interactive session, you will learn how to apply strategic marketing and communications to your organisation, define your value, get to the heart of your purpose, articulate your messages, and better engage your members and stakeholders.

This session will focus on how to build an integrated strategy that drives member engagement, and results for your association through the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

Bring your challenges and creative ideas to this workshop and get a new MX direction for you and your team.

1:00 - 2:00pm

Lunch and Networking

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Association Case Studies  -  MX Sydney

Redefining your member value proposition
The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) are on a journey to rediscover their member value proposition (MVP), to enhance member satisfaction and drive engagement. Mim will share the steps they have already taken, the plans for the future, and the value they have found in revisiting their MVP.

Successful advocacy and engagement campaign 
The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society established Natural Medicine Week eight years ago to meet two needs, advocacy and member engagement. In this presentation we will look at how ATMS built engagement with its members and the broader natural medicine community, what worked, what didn't and how we built over 3 million views.

Engaging Younger Members
As Professional Association’s we spend time considering how to best recruit, retaining and engage our members, but that younger demographic always seems to be the hardest to reach. In this session we will explore how for LG Professionals, NSW one small step turned into a Next Gen movement.

Association Case Studies - MX Melbourne

Navigating the ESG journey in sugarcane
Do you buy sustainably produced food? Do you offset carbon from your flights?

Delivering on ESG expectations is a challenging space to navigate for member organisations. CANEGROWERS will take you on a journey of how we are leveraging ESG and sustainability to tell our story.

Engaging your community online 
As association leaders, we know that an online community can’t be launched and then left to grow on its own. Speech Pathology Australia shares what it takes to run a successful online community, including content planning, to create, sustain, and grow engagement.

Collaborations to create long lasting members and advocates
With numbers exceeding 1.5 million, and representing 70% of businesses across the Nation, a quick analysis of your Association’s membership will tell you that most of your members are family businesses.

Join us in this session to gain an understanding of this important part of your membership and how collaboration can not only lead to membership retention and growth but can also lead to advocates of your association.

3:30 - 3:45 pm 

Quick Break and Refreshments

4:00 pm

MX Roundtable Discussion

    4:30 pm

    MX Sydney + Melbourne Concludes - Networking drinks


    MX Opening  - Sarah Sladek, CEO at the Membership University

    Sarah Sladek is an author, futurist, and leading researcher of generational shifts and membership engagement.

    Associations worldwide have relied on her next-gen strategies to stop the ongoing trend of flat or declining membership and begin building a stronger and more inclusive membership community.

    Learn more at

    MX Presentation - Brenda Mainland, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Survey Matters

    Brenda is a Co-founder and Director at Survey Matters, the leading research agency for the Australian association sector. A skilled business professional, Brenda helps organisations identify their value proposition, and build stakeholder engagement, using research to uncover insights to improve outcomes. She knows the value stakeholder feedback has on associations’ success, and that strong financial performance is the result of a member-focussed strategy.  

    For more information visit

    MX Workshop - Felicity Zadro, Founder & Managing Director, Zadro Agency

    Felicity Zadro founded Zadro in 2007, inspired to support companies through excellent communications.

    Felicity often leads Zadro’s creative campaigns, and has ghost written millions of words for clients. She is a specialist in stakeholder dialogue and developing two-way streams of communication for organisations.

    Felicity was named the 2019 Unsung Hero by the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia, recognising her contribution to the industry.

    Felicity’s training in sociology, love of strategy, experience in leading market and social research projects, training in change management and leadership, combined with her business acumen, allows Felicity to broaden the standard scope of communications practice. For more information. visit

    Association Case Studies - MX SYDNEY

    • Christine Pope, Director and Treasurer of Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd 
    • Mim Mills, Head of Product and Member Experience at Australian Institute of Project Management
    • Vicki Mayo, Chief Executive Officer at Local Government Professionals Australia NSW

    Association Case Studies - MX MELBOURNE

    • Nitty Brown, Manager Member Services & Operations at Speech Pathology Australia
    • Rebecca Slingo, General Manager Learning at Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance 
    • Tim Smith, National Membership Manager at the Family Business Association
    • Matt Kealley, Senior Manager, Membership Engagement & Innovation at Canegrowers

    MX Association Story - Mim Mills, Head of Product and Member Experience at Australian Institute of Project Management

    Mim Mills is the Head of Product and Member Experience at the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). Mim has over 12 years of experience delivering value for members across a number of associations, including the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Real Estate Institute of NSW.

    MX Association Story - Christine Pope, Director and Treasurer of Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd

    Christine Pope is an experienced association director, naturopath and presenter. She currently serves on two NFP Boards, the Australian Traditional Medicine Society , where she is Treasurer and Chair of the Marketing Committee and COSBOA Ltd. Christine is the author of the online program "Ageing Outrageously" and is clinical practice at St Ives.

    MX Association Story - Nitty Brown, Manager Member Services & Operations at Speech Pathology Australia

    Nitty Brown is the Manager Member Services and Operations at Speech Pathology Australia. Nitty is a driven professional with a deep passion for the association world with over 20 years of experience in managing memberships, volunteers, marketing, operations, and major projects for various associations and corporates.

    Nitty possesses a keen understanding of marketing strategies and tactics, leveraging them effectively to enhance member engagement and promote organisational growth. Their creative and innovative mindset enables them to think outside the box, generating fresh ideas and solutions to drive results.

    MX Association Story - Rebecca Slingo, General Manager Learning at ANZIIF

    Rebecca Slingo is the General Manager, Learning at ANZIIF and is a long-tenured education professional with 30 years experience working in learning and development across multiple industries including advertising, publishing, law, logistics and insurance. Driven by getting things done she is strategic, practical and persistent in her approach, enjoying driving change to achieve real outcomes.

    Rebecca sees innovation and investment in bright ideas as paramount in maintaining the commercial edge in a business – she also likes to work smart so that there’s more time in life for travel, food and reformer pilates.

    MX Association Story - Matt Kealley, Senior Manager, Membership Engagement & Innovation at Canegrowers

    Matt is the Senior Manager for Membership Engagement & Innovation at CANEGROWERS.

    Matt has an Environmental Science background, and his role focuses on membership, ESG and innovation including blockchain technology. Matt’s mantra: "It’s easy to find the problems – it takes hard work to find the answers and sheer determination to make them work!"

    Learn more at

    MX Association Story - Tim Smith, National Membership Manager at Family Business Association

    Tim Smith is the National Membership Manager of Family Business Association. With a background in client facing roles throughout his career Tim has seen firsthand the pride and results enjoyed by successful family businesses, but he has also seen the heartache and devastation that can occur when things go wrong.

    Joining the FBA team in 2020, he and the national team work diligently to ensure families in business have the resources and support required to give them the best opportunity to be a successful family business. FBA is the association where family businesses connect, share and grow. For more information, visit

    MX Association Story - Vicki Mayo CMM, Chief Executive Officer at Local Government Professionals Australia NSW

    Vicki Mayo is the Chief Executive Officer at Local Government Professionals Australia NSW. Vicki is an association specialist with over a decade of experience in senior management roles. Vicki specialises in working with the Association’s members to develop meaningful connections, experiences, and opportunities.

    A Certified Meeting Manager, Vicki has expertise in stakeholder engagement, marketing, communications and event management. With a passion for creating unique experiences, coupled with her commercial acumen, Vicki is focused on developing an extraordinary member community alongside the growth and future development of the association. Vicki thrives on putting plans into action, of testing the untested and being able to deliver exceptional quality in all areas of the Association. For more information, visit


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