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  • 26 Jun 2018 11:57 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Hello to all !

    With winter solstice behind us, we are looking forward to delivering a dynamic and successful second half of 2018.

    I can’t send out this newsletter without mentioning the success of ACE18, held last month at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Thank you to everyone who came together to make this happen. Our good friends at FineHaus have taken the two days of learning and given us a great wrap up of some of the key messages from the conference which you can read here. Go here to look through some of the great images from Oneill Photographics.

    With a new board in place and our current strategic plan due to expire at the end of 2018, we will be taking the time in the very near future to review and refine our service offering to our community and to our members. While we will formally reach out to our membership to provide input, I encourage anyone to contact me directly if you have any feedback or ideas that would assist us to be a better organisation for you.

    Finally, AuSAE runs a number of social media channels, including a member only Facebook group which facilitates interaction and seek information from your peers. I encourage to you to join, follow, like and contribute to our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

    Wishing you a great month ahead


  • 26 Jun 2018 8:21 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Kia ora

    With winter solstice behind us, we are looking forward to delivering a dynamic and successful second half of 2018.

    The highlight of which is the AuSAE Leadership, Insights and Networking Conference (LINC) in Auckland this September (10-11). Under the theme of Successful Engagement: Sharing Stories, I am looking forward to hearing the stories of the fabulous line of up speakers, and connecting with members, colleagues and peers for what will be an invaluable 2 days. Registrations are now open and I encourage all association professionals at all levels to attend.

    With a new board in place and our current strategic plan due to expire at the end of 2018, we will be taking the time in the very near future to review and refine our service offering to our community and to our members. While we will formally reach out to our membership to provide input, I encourage anyone to contact me directly if you have any feedback or ideas that would assist us to be a better organisation for you.

    Finally, AuSAE runs a number of social media channels, including a member only Facebook group which facilitates interaction and seek information from your peers. I encourage to you to join, follow, like and contribute to our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

    Wishing you a great month ahead.


  • 22 Jun 2018 1:58 PM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    2017 was the year of sexual harassment scandals and the trend looks to continue into 2018. From the most infamous involving powerful Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein to allegations involving our own Australian television royalty, Don Burke; the media coverage is insatiable. A common theme with these allegations is that many of the victims only felt comfortable speaking out now after years of silence, which may indicate society’s tolerance for such conduct has waned. Conduct that might have been swept under the proverbial rug 20 years ago won’t be tolerated today. With this shift in attitude, even consensual workplace relationships are under scrutiny particularly romances involving senior employees.

    Reports suggest 50% of working people will participate in an office romance at some time in their careers, with odds greatly increased for those working in hospitality and tourism. The challenge for employers is to ensure workplace attractions do not lead to incidents of sexual harassment.

    So what should employers do to prevent office romances from becoming a problem for the business?


    The old adage “prevention is better than the cure” rings very true in sexual harassment cases. You need your employees to understand the business’ stance on workplace relationships and sexual harassment. This is most easily achieved with clearly drafted policies and procedures and training and development of your employees in this area. It is also important to provide channels for employees to lodge complaints so you can stay on the front foot if there are any breaches of your company policy.

    Preventative measures must come from the top. Senior executives need to lead by example so your message is consistent through all areas of the business.

    Tip 1: Set the ground rules: Consensual Relationships

    As an employer, you can’t prohibit your employees from embarking on an office romance. You can, however, set ground rules as to how office relationships are managed. While it may seem like a private matter, if the two lovebirds work in close proximity then the relationship has the potential to adversely affect the workplace.

    We recommend that employers have a clear policy on workplace relationships and provide training to employees on the policy at regular intervals so they are aware of their obligations and the consequences of non-compliance. Your policy should require employees to disclose workplace relationships either to HR or management. This ensures you are in a position to identify and deal with the number one concern with a consensual relationship: a potential conflict of interest.

    Conflict of interests are more likely to occur when one employee in the relationship has the potential to influence the working arrangements of the other. For example, where the relationship is between a manager and a subordinate.

    When confronted with a potential conflict of interest situation, the appropriate solution will depend on the size of your workplace and the nature of your operations. However, outcomes to consider include changing reporting structures, reassigning tasks/ roles or implementing other mechanisms to avoid an actual conflict or the perception of conflict, which is just as damaging in a group dynamic. This may involve a review of the employee’s employment contract to see if such changes are provided for. You should also be clear about the consequences of failing to disclose a workplace relationship, which may involve disciplinary action including termination of employment.

    Tip 2: Be clear about unacceptable workplace conduct

    The fact that two individuals have been in a consensual sexual relationship does not mean that sexual harassment may not occur following the end of the relationship. Employers need to be clear about the business’ expectations in relation to behaviour that it will not tolerate including sexual harassment, which is not only undesirable conduct but also unlawful. This is especially important because it is not just individuals that are liable for conduct amounting to sexual harassment. Employers can also be held vicariously liable for the actions of their employees. There is an exception to this if the employer establishes that it took all reasonable steps to prevent the employee from engaging in the alleged conduct. A well drafted sexual harassment policy that your employees are trained in, acknowledge and understand goes a long way to relying on this defence.

    What is sexual harassment?

    Sexual harassment is any unwanted or unwelcome sexual behaviour where a reasonable person would have anticipated the possibility that the person harassed would feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. Applying this definition, sexual harassment is not consensual behaviour or mutual attraction. Employees need to be aware, however, that just because there was once a mutual connection, if that is no longer reciprocated then any unwanted attention has the potential to become sexual harassment.

    Tip 3 – Have Multiple Complaint Channels

    Be curious. I am not suggesting you rush to read the “15 Tell Tale Signs that your employees are having an affair?” which describes “both looking great” and “not seeming to get any work done” as two key things to have on your office romance radar (yes, this article really does exist). If you are clear about your disclosure expectations and no conflict of interest exists then let the consenting happy couple continue on their merry path.

    However, you need to (and should want to) know about any non-consensual situations so you can eradicate the behaviour. Every business needs to have a detailed grievance procedure that allows for the escalation of the complaint if the employee is not satisfied about the response. Be clear about who in your business will be responsible for dealing with such grievances and ensure that they are adequately trained. Just because someone has the title of Manager doesn’t mean they know how to handle potentially sensitive complaints in the best manner.

    Businesses may want to explore confidential hotlines as a mechanism for uncovering untoward behaviour. This is a good way of providing an avenue for employees who find the traditional grievance mechanisms confronting. For example, in response to the allegations surrounding Don Burke, Channel 9 set up a hotline where employees and former employees can report past abuse.

    Tip 4: Get the investigation right

    It is important to have a clear and unbiased view of the events that took place. This can quite often be achieved through an internal investigation conducted by your HR team. In some circumstances where the allegations are numerous and serious and have the capacity to cause the employer severe reputational damage, it may be prudent to outsource the investigation. Outsourcing to a legal professional preserves legal professional privilege over the investigation report. This means you can have a “warts and all” account of what went on without having to disclose this report in legal proceedings, which means you can deal with any identified problems swiftly and confidentially.


    We’ve seen a dramatic increase in compensation awarded to victims of sexual harassment within the workplace. There is a clear link between the approach the Courts are willing to adopt and community standards.

    Community standards are such that this type of conduct will not be tolerated. Businesses need to be mindful of not only the legal consequences but also the effect negative publicity can have on the company’s reputation. With a new sexual harassment scandal coming to light nearly every day, businesses must understand the possible risks and focus on preventative solutions.

    If you have any enquiries, please contact Bianca Seeto on (07) 3046 2100 or

  • 22 Jun 2018 11:51 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Originally sourced from Third Sector. 

    Vollie and Youth Agenda are using technology to connect and educate Kenyan youth as the digital age sweeps through the sector

    An Australian mentoring program is using technology to strengthen their community outreach on the other side of the globe.

    Online marketplace Vollie and Youth Agenda have partnered to connect young people in Kenya to Australian professionals with their smartphones in a move to support young Kenyans to get into the workforce.

    Youth Agenda’s CEO, Susan Mwongera, said she is frequently approached by young people who are seeking support but were previously unable to access it.

    “Most young adults in Kenya possess a smartphone, so we posed the question, what if these devices could be used to connect with successful professionals in Australia?”

    The collaboration will see Vollie connect Australian professionals with a specific skillset to those requested by Kenyan youth to give them the best chance at a career. Once connected, the two parties will skype and email throughout the mentoring program.

    Vollie, an online volunteering platform that provides skilled individuals with an opportunity to volunteer remotely, has utilised existing technologies to connect youths in Kenya.

    Vollie CEO, Matthew Boyd, said: “Vollie already has the technology in place and networks within Australia to make this collaboration truly successful. The possibilities are life-changing and that’s exactly what our two organisations strive to achieve.”

    The project was established during conversations between the two organisations at Nexus Australia 2018 and has since resulted in a 2018 NAB Nexus Collaborator Award.

    The technology-based project will commence with an initial group of 100 Nairobi based students, split equally between male and female Kenyan youth, and at least five per cent of the group will include individuals living with some form of disability.

    “We hope to connect, inspire and transform lives through this ground breaking collaboration, with the mentoring component to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and execution, while developing networks, growing ideas and inspiring one another,” Boyd said.

  • 22 Jun 2018 11:46 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Originally sourced from Third Sector.

    Australia’s national peak body for prostate cancer has announced the appointment of Jane Endacott as its new Chief Executive Officer.

    Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) appointed Endacott as the foundation looks to prolong the life and wellbeing of affected men and their families.

    PCFA National Chairman, Jim Hughes, said Endacott would bring a professional level of knowledge, experience and passion to her new role.

    “We have no doubt that under Jane’s leadership, we will continue to innovate with partnerships in excellence, working towards enhanced detection, treatment options, and prolonging the life and wellbeing of men and their families affected by prostate cancer,” Hughes said in a statement.

    Of the new role, Endacott said: “As a passionate advocate for social impact, I am delighted to lead this demonstratively impactful peak body and foundation.

    “It is a privilege to work alongside a committed national team and network who are dedicated to improving the outcomes of prostate cancer on men, their partners, families and communities.”

    Endacott will work with the foundation to promote and fund world leading and innovate research, implement awareness and advocacy campaigns and education programs for the community and supporting those affected.

    Endacott has previously worked as the Acting CEO for the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA), interim Chief Operations Officer of Global Study Partners and General Manager Fundraising and Marketing at Redkite.

    During her time at FINSIA, Endacott revitalised their membership offering, education and support programs to achieve the institute’s strategic mission to connect, inspire and build the capabilities of the next generation of industry leaders.

    Hughes added: “She is a motivated leader with a proven track record of transforming culture and improving internal and public opinion, building and managing teams to a high-performance, enhancing people and organisational capabilities, and embedding continuous improvement in organisations.”

  • 22 Jun 2018 11:37 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Originally sourced from Marine Business

    Marine businesses in Northern Territory rejoin industry association.

    The Boating Industry Association (BIA) has welcomed marine businesses in the Northern Territory into the association, providing them with industry representation and member support for the first time in several years.

    Marine businesses in the Territory were previously aligned with the former Marine Queensland for services and representation but, following the demise of that body, the companies, numbering about 15, remained outside the BIA fold.

    Following a visit to Darwin by BIA to meet with industry leaders, BIA has now included NT as a regional grouping, with members listed in the BIA member locator. The BIA will provide member services and support such as inclusion in the association E-News and Logbook and representation on industry issues.

    BIA is also working with NT government and safety agencies, including AMSA, to address issues concerning the commercial vessel sector and recreational boat standards compliance.

  • 22 Jun 2018 9:06 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    2018 celebrates our 20th anniversary of the Enterprise Care Not for Profit Remuneration Survey and Report.

    We are very proud that for 20 years we have been able to provide you with this valued Report, the major source of salary and benefits data for the Not for Profit Sector.

    The Report ensures that your organisation's salaries and remuneration packages are competitive. Its use extends to the benchmarking of salaries and conducting of annual performance and remuneration reviews.

    The Survey is open from now until Wednesday 5th September 2018.

    Enterprise Care fully respects and upholds your rights to privacy protection. Throughout the Report only aggregated responses are used and no identifiable information is disclosed. Your trust is of utmost importance to us.

    ALL CEOs, Board members, managers, and staff of NFPs are encouraged to contribute. This benefits the NFP sector.

    ALL respondents go into a *PRIZE* draw: First name drawn - Enterprise Care will donate $500 to the charity of your choice. Next three (3) names will each receive a movie voucher valued at $50.

    ALL respondents can purchase the Report at a substantial discount of $99 (RRP $286).

    If you have multiple people with the same Function and Level please contact Enterprise Care who will assist you with including this information in the Survey.

    All questions about the Survey please telephone Enterprise Care on (03) 8862 6315.

    We look forward to your contribution and to helping you with your salary strategies.

    Thank you in advance.


    Managing Director

    Click here to begin the survey. 

  • 21 Jun 2018 1:03 PM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Round 2

    AuSAE Networking Lunches offer a great chance to get out of the office and meet new connections in the sector. Each lunch also features an insightful presentation on various topics of importance. Attending a lunch is a great chance to see what AuSAE really offers which is a place like-minded professionals can gather and share workplace challenges and achievements over a delicious two-course luncheon at a great venue. Check out the upcoming lunches below. We would love to see you there!

    Topic: The Challenge of Modern Governance

    In this presentation, GovernRight founder, Simon Neaverson, will examine the key features of a Good Governance Framework necessary to strike the correct balance between oversight and management and build a culture of engagement throughout the organisation, in order to embed good governance.

    Of key importance is how to adapt an organisation’s good governance framework to meet the changing expectations of directors. In particular, how can the directors achieve the right level of comfort that what is meant to be happening is in fact happening and how can a board add value and still meet these changing obligations.

    Our guest speaker is Simon Neaverson, GovernRight Founder & AICD Senior Facilitator. Simon is a leader in corporate governance, board engagement, strategy and risk management having advised boards, partnerships and senior managers in numerous Australian and international organisations, across a broad range of industries for more than 25 years. He is the founder of TPPG Pty Limited, a consultancy aligning strategy, risk oversight and good governance.

    Sydney | Lunch on Tuesday 7th August 12:00pm – 2:00pm

    Register Here. 

    Melbourne | Lunch on Thursday 9th August 12:00pm - 2:00pm

    Register Here. 

    Brisbane | Lunch on Thursday 16th August 12:00pm - 2:00pm

    Register Here. 

    Topic: Leadership Lessons

    Join Marcus as he discusses how to navigate leadership in today’s challenging environment in which change is perpetual.

    “In many ways I feel that a relatively difficult trading environment in Australia in recent years has created a short-term mentality and hesitant decision making. It’s time for us to break free from that and I hope to articulate some of the reasons and ways during this session.”

    Marcus Stafford has held senior management positions in large and small organisations around the world. Industries have included banking, freight forwarding/logistics, management consulting and not-for-profit. Marcus is currently the CEO of MSWA in Western Australia, an organisation with over $55 million in revenue and 750 staff. He has also led the turnaround of the MS Society in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

    Perth| Breakfast on Tuesday 21st August 7:15am - 9:00am

    Register Here. 

    Topic: The Challenge of Modern Governance

    Governance – a much used but often misunderstood term. In his talk Kim will examine governance practices in the context of the modern NFP enterprise. What does governance mean for the organisation as a whole and what part do the various stakeholders play in establishing and maintaining good governance? Kim will use real life examples to show what causes governance failures and the fallout for both enterprises and individuals? He will share his experiences as the incoming CEO of a number of high profile NFP’s who have found themselves in trouble and describe the processes he has used to effect positive change.

    Kim is a seasoned business professional who has worked across a variety of commercial and Not for Profit enterprises. He spent much of his career in the IT industry, culminating in his role as the inaugural Asia Pacific Managing Director of a Silicon Valley based Business Intelligence vendor. He left the software industry at the time of the “tech wreck” (2000) and set up his own consulting business providing marketing advice, business coaching and event management services to business and Government. He was then recruited into a CEO role in an NFP and has held similar positions in a number of NFP’s for the last 12 years. Kim also has interests in the property industry including as a trustee of a small property trust. He was recruited into the CEO role at RSL SA/NT in February 2018 and lives in Adelaide with his partner Jennifer.

    Adelaide | Lunch on Monday 27th August 12:00pm - 2:00pm

    Register Here.

  • 19 Jun 2018 1:07 PM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Modern Office located within corporate office complex located in North Melbourne.

    Work in a Dynamic Environment with like-minded Association Professionals.

    We have x2 workspaces available @$150 + GST each per week take 1 or both.

    Includes desk, chair, power , internet , meeting room access ( via booking process / subject to availability) postal address excludes onsite signage. No outgoings etc.. applicable

    Flexible terms on offer 6/ 12 months.

    Email all enquires to

  • 05 Jun 2018 6:53 AM | Brett Jeffery (Administrator)

    Find out how payday filing will impact your business

    Since 1 April 2018, employers have been able to file payroll information every payday rather than monthly. Payday filing is voluntary for employers until 1 April 2019, when it becomes compulsory. If you’re an employer, it’s important that you start thinking about how to adapt your business processes to incorporate this new requirement.

    Inland Revenue has two webinars on payday filing available to give you more information on how this will work.

    The first webinar, ‘Payday filing for employers – more detail, provides an in-depth overview
    Whilst the second, ‘Payday filing for employers – update, focuses more on change implications.
    These videos on demand so you can watch them any time

    And find out more about payday filing at

    It is important that Associations members i.e. employers, that have a payroll package,  make contact with their provider to see when the software will be delivered into the marketplace.

    Payday filing becomes mandatory in April 2019.

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