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  • 27 Aug 2018 4:31 PM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Having literally just touched down from attending the ASAE Annual Meeting in Chicago last week, the team were very keen for me to share my insights with you in time for this newsletter. Whilst my thoughts are not yet fully formed, I have, whilst in transit, tried to share with you some of my initial insights from the meeting.

    Firstly, let me paint the picture. The scale of this conference is incredible. Some 6092 attendees inhabited a convention centre the size of a city block with an exhibition floor of 713 Exhibitors. 2 keynotes, 5 mini keynotes and some 115 learning sessions. This is in addition to the amazing networking events – the welcome function was a music concert…. seriously!  So what did I learn?

    1. We’re doing ok

    Whilst our associations don’t operate on the scale of our US counterparts (I had to explain on several occasions that our entire population across both countries is only 30 million) I do believe the maturity of our organisations, the sophistication of membership models and acceptance of associations as part of the fabric of our society is at the very least on par with our US counterparts.

    2. Same, same but different

    The sessions I attended I noted fundamentally similar challenges for associations big and small. Getting the governance right, providing real value to members, adapting to the changing consumer market, chapter management, ensuring the sustainability of our associations, and the engagement of the next generation were the basis of the majority of the breakout sessions. The way in which we problem solve these challenges are in some ways different (scale allows investment at levels we can only dream of!) however evolving technology is certainly bridging this gap. In fact, my observation from my attendance 2 years ago is that the “technology gap” has closed significantly.

    3. We are still not using our data

    I had the pleasure of spending some time with our friends at Marketing General, who produce the largest global association benchmarking report and work with 100’s of associations across the country. They report that many associations are still not making data-driven decisions, and no matter what system you use or size you are, there is data in your associations that you can use and learn from.

    4. They are all in it together

    Whilst culturally we don’t tend to “shout from the rooftops” our achievements, the pride in delivering and communicating the value of what ASAE do for their members is inspiring. I have to say the sector feels very united and indeed fiercely supportive of their peak body. Every member regardless of their classification is valued as part of the ‘association eco-system’ and the strength of a single voice is very apparent.

    5. Diversity as a movement

    There was a definite and deliberate conversation about diversity (beyond gender) running through the meeting that I would identify as being far more evolved than the current conversations in Australia and New Zealand. With the ASAE advocacy efforts for transgender individuals to a highlight speaker for me being a self-proclaimed queer Latinx millennial woman to the newly elected and first openly gay ASAE Chair, Sal Martino diversity and inclusion as a strategic intent was very evident.

    Well there you have it. My top line observations. I would love to have more conversations and share my learnings with anyone who would like to talk further, please just email and or call me.

    Wishing you a fabulous September!


  • 24 Aug 2018 10:54 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)


    The Property Council of Australia has appointed communications and marketing executive Sandra Brewer as its new Western Australian Executive Director.

    Ms Brewer was most recently the General Manager of Marketing for National Lifestyle Villages, and was previously founder of brand consultancy Perceptive Marketing where she worked on brand strategies and campaigns for a wide range of clients, including residential land developers, apartment project owners and construction companies.

    Ms Brewer has previously been politically active, including holding positions on the Liberal Party State Executive, the North Metropolitan Upper House ticket and nominated for preselection in Cottesloe upon the retirement of Colin Barnett. She has resigned from all positions in the Party.

    Property Council Chief Executive Ken Morrison said Ms Brewer was the right person to lead the organisation in the west.

    “Sandra is an intuitive leader, a strategic thinker and an experienced communications specialist – all skills that will be vital as we support efforts to continue WA’s economic recovery,” Mr Morrison said.

    “Sandra’s commercial experience means she understands how strong ideas and effective advocacy can influence opinions and outcomes. This will be invaluable in achieving the goals of the Property Council and our members.

    “Like some of our other executives, Sandra has different political stripes to the government of the day, but she is a pragmatist, a professional and is passionate about the future of Perth.”

    Ms Brewer said that she was delighted to representing an industry that employs nearly a quarter of a million West Australians.

    “The property industry plays an enormous role in the economy and in people’s everyday lives. I’m looking forward to working closely with members and highlighting the role they play in the community,” Ms Brewer said.

    “This is an important time for Western Australia with some confidence returning to the business community and a new Government which is making positive announcements and investments for the future.

    “After growing up in the South-West, I’ve been a long-time resident of Perth and really care about the prospects for our future as we grow as a city and state.

    “I’ve lived in Sydney and Melbourne, and experienced the benefits of good transport systems and joys of inner city living. As a mother of three boys, I know how important it is for family life for it to be easy to get around our suburbs, visit shopping centres and cafes.

    “Housing affordability remains a big issue in this state, and we need to do more to remove barriers for business to grow and employ more people, such as high taxation and unnecessary regulation.

    “Perth is also changing fast and I am looking forward to working with the McGowan Government to help make Perth continue to a great place to live with a prosperous future.”

    Ms Brewer replaces Lino Iacomella who stepped down last month after 13 years with the Property Council. Ms Brewer will commence on Monday 13 August.

    Article originally published from Property Council of Australia.


    The Property Council of Australia has appointed Cressida Wall as its new Victorian Executive Director.

    Ms Wall has extensive experience in senior roles across a wide variety of sectors, including public policy, corporate affairs, infrastructure, private equity, property and technology start-ups.

    She has been a Board member of the Office of Projects Victoria (from which she has resigned to take up this position) and prior to that spent five years as a key economic adviser to the Bracks and Brumby Government.

    Property Council Chief Executive Ken Morrison said Ms Wall would be a strong addition to the organisation’s executive team, working closely with well-regarded Deputy Executive Director Matt Kandelaars.

    “Cressida has the public policy expertise, the breadth of experience and the passion to represent an industry that is so important for Victorians,” Mr Morrison said.

    “Melbourne faces many challenges and Cressida is well placed to champion the policies that will be needed to ensure it continues to improve for the benefit of all Victorians.

    “It’s fantastic to have someone of her calibre to lead the team in Victoria.”

    Victorian President of the Property Council, Roger Teale, said he and the Divisional Council look forward to supporting Cressida in her new role.

    Ms Wall said she was delighted to have the opportunity to represent the members of the property industry who make such a significant contribution to our State.

    “Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing city and it’s never been more important to ensure the policies shaping Victoria are the right ones,” said Ms Wall.

    “More than 330,000 Victorians work in the property industry, more than mining and manufacturing combined – so everyone has a real stake in this industry.

    “From the moment kids first move out of home to the building of large scale commercial properties, the industry shapes our lives and our economy.

    “I look forward to working with policy makers across the spectrum and fiercely advocating for outcomes that work for the whole community.

    “Property policy is about people’s lives. I’m passionate about our State creating property solutions that work for people while contributing to a thriving economy,” Ms Wall said.

    Ms Wall replaces previous Executive Director Sally Capp who resigned from the Property Council upon being elected Lord Mayor of Melbourne. Ms Wall will commence on 12 September.

    Article originally published from Property Council of Australia.

  • 23 Aug 2018 3:55 PM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    AuSAE Executive Briefing events provide an exclusive environment for motivated association executives to gain insights and advice from other industry professionals. Executive Briefing events enables members to raise and discuss critical issues affecting industry and network with other professionals from the not-for-profit sector.

    Topic: Current Themes on Consitution

    Is your current constitution an asset to your organisation or a hindrance? Does it help you be effective, efficient and stakeholder centric, or does it stifle your operations and your ability to innovate?

    This session on constitutions will cover the following:

    • Does your constitution take advantage of those aspects of the law which simplify operations?
    • Does your constitution allow you to manage risk effectively?
    • Is your constitution stakeholder centric?
    • Does your constitution reflect the best of modern governance practices?
    • A brief discussion on ancillary documents, such as by-laws, codes of practice/conduct, charters and policies.

    About the Presenter

    Vera Visevic, Partner, Mills Oakley

    Vera Visevic is a Partner and head of the Charity and Not-for-Profit team at national law firm, Mills Oakley Lawyers.

    Mills Oakley has a genuine understanding of the not-for-profit sector and the increasingly complex legislative issues surrounding not-for-profits. Its dedicated team provides education, advice and specialist legal counsel to some of Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisations including charities, religious organisations, community groups and professional associations. Vera and her team expertly guide clients through the specific legal challenges facing their sector with simple, easy-to-understand language (not legal jargon) and a no-nonsense approach. The team at Mills Oakley are one of only a few specialised legal firms in Australia with the experience and know-how to provide advice and assistance to not-for-profits looking to undertake commercial activities. Their expertise in the not-for-profit field means they have first-hand knowledge of current issues affecting the sector and upcoming changes that may impact your organisation.

    Register on the links below.

    Sydney l 3rd September l 3:00pm - 5:00pm

    Brisbane l 19th September l 3:00pm - 5:00pm

  • 23 Aug 2018 3:31 PM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    With the maturation and growth of Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) following the unification of the previously federated LASA state-based organisations on 1 July 2016, the LASA Board of Directors is seeking to make its first Multi-State Director appointment to the Board.

    Chair of LASA Dr Graeme Blackman AO said LASA has made significant amendments to its Constitution to open the door to multi-state aged care providers to seek directorship on LASA’s Board.

    “While separate state bodies are our history, our future is a nationally strong and locally relevant organisation that is better equipped to meet the needs of our Members,” Dr Blackman said.

    “LASA is calling for nominations from eligible persons for LASA’s Multi-State Directorship, an exciting opportunity to contribute to a thought-leading and authoritative national organisation.”

    Under the Constitution, the Multi-state Director is a Board appointed position and nominees must be an Officer (e.g. Director, CEO or senior executive) of a Member with operations in at least three states and territories of Australia. LASA requires nominees to be from an organisation that is a Member of LASA in the 2018/19 year (with the Membership financial as at the date of appointment of the nominee if successful).

    Dr Blackman said LASA’s broad membership base means our organisation can speak credibly and authoritatively for all age care services.

    “We represent large residential aged care providers with in excess of 3,000 beds, small and medium not-for-profit, and church and charitable providers, as well as organisations providing in home care and offering retirement living options for older Australians,” Dr Blackman said.

    “LASA is well placed to lead our industry as we navigate continuing policy reform, regulatory changes, increasing demand, disruptive technologies and business models, changes to government funding, rising operating costs, and the complex and changing needs and expectations of consumers.

    “As a LASA Multi-State Director, you will have the opportunity to influence the future direction of the organisation and contribute to shaping an aged care system for our valued Members, providers and older Australians.

    “I encourage experienced representatives of the age services sector to consider nominating for this Directorship today.”

    To view the nomination form and other key information, please click here. Nominations should be lodged by 5.00pm on Wednesday 12 September 2018 using the lodgement details on the nomination form.

    Contact: Ashley Oliver 0458 011 009

    Originally published by Leading Age Services Australia.

  • 22 Aug 2018 1:09 PM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    The Chairman and National President of peak professional body Engineers Australia, Hon Trish White, has today welcomed renowned digital transformation specialist Hurol Inan to the board of Engineers Australia.

    “With experience in digital strategy and marketing gained across Accenture and Deloitte, and now as the AU/NZ CEO for the global Wunderman network, Mr Inan brings a user perspective that aligns perfectly to our future digital needs,” said Ms White.

    “Digital transformation means that our members and customers experience the same high level of service no matter where they are in the world. We’ll be able to deliver more services at a higher quality for less cost.

    “The engineering profession is at the cutting edge of technological progress and innovation, and as the peak body that services the profession, we need to make sure our business model reflects the way our members work and think.

    “Good digital strategy is more than just an investment in IT infrastructure; it means putting people and user needs first. Mr Inan has a proven track record of helping business deliver better services and a better user experience.

    “Mr Inan brings a wealth of practical experience and knowledge that will be invaluable as we move to grow our digital presence and deliver a truly seamless experience to all members at all stages of their career.

    “Mr Inan has been appointed as an independent Non-Executive Director for a two-year term. On behalf of the Board and members of Engineers Australia, I would like to welcome Mr Inan to his new role,” Ms White said.

    Original news piece published by Engineers Australia. 

  • 20 Aug 2018 10:42 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    The National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC) is the leading meetings and events venue in the nation’s capital; unrivalled in facilities, size and scope. NCCC is diverse, flexible and equipped to handle events of all sizes.

    Inclusive space, personable staff and process friendly - our $80 Day Delegate Package is designed with you in mind. Whatever your conference needs in 2018 and beyond, we have a creative solution for you. To check availability and pricing -

    To find out more details, click here.

  • 16 Aug 2018 9:33 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Melbourne, VIC (15 August 2018) — Advanced Solutions International (ASI), a leading global provider of software and services for associations and non-profits and the company behind the iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS)™, today announced it will renew its support as an exclusive annual partner of the Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE) in New Zealand and Australia for 2018- 19. AuSAE is the peak not-for-profit professional society for association executives in Australasia.

    ASI’s sponsorship will help support AuSAE’s invaluable professional development initiatives, including conferences, workshops, leadership symposiums and networking events, as well as important industry research and advocacy efforts on behalf of members fostering a strong and robust association sector.

    ASI will have a strong presence at AuSAE’s upcoming 2018 Leadership, Insights & Networking Conference (LINC) in Auckland in September, including as an exhibitor and presenter of a 9 September pre-conference workshop on “The Power of Prediction.” The company will also present at several AuSAE webcasts in the coming months.

    “ASI is pleased to support AuSAE’s work in New Zealand and Australia. AuSAE has been a true partner with us. They have graciously invited us into their community as a trusted advisor for association best practices,” said Paul Ramsbottom, Managing Director of ASI Asia-Pacific. “We’ve been so pleased to be a part of the stellar programs they provide to their members and we look forward to helping them continue to strengthen the sector.”

    “We are very proud ASI has renewed their partnership in 2018-19,” said Toni Brearley, AuSAE’s Chief Executive Officer. “Their continued support allows us to expand the scope of the programs we provide and ensure our members get the highest quality professional education, mentoring, and advocacy possible. We have an exciting year ahead of us and we appreciate ASI’s investment in AuSAE’s mission.”

    About AuSAE

    The Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE) is the only not-for-profit professional society representing more than 10,000 individual leaders working in organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. With offices in Australia and New Zealand, AuSAE's purpose is to provide the tools, information, and networks not-for-profit professionals need to achieve the visions of their organisations.

    About ASI

    Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is a leading global provider of software and services to associations and non-profits. Founded in 1991, ASI focuses on helping clients increase operational and financial performance through best practices, proven solutions, and ongoing client advisement. ASI is the provider of iMIS, a complete association and non-profit management software system that is cloud-based, mobile-ready, and PCI-validated. It includes options for membership, fundraising, events, product sales, certification, marketing, website management, and more. ASI has served nearly 4,000 clients and millions of users worldwide, both directly and indirectly through a network of over 100 partners, and currently maintains corporate offices in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Learn more at

  • 13 Aug 2018 9:42 AM | Andrea Brown (Administrator)

    Discover what Victoria’s politicians think about the state of health

    The 2018 Victorian Healthcare Association Annual Conference will bring together leaders from within, and beyond, the public healthcare sector to rethink, reset and reimagine how we can work towards a stronger Victorian health system.

    From rethinking funding and infrastructure, resetting workforce planning, to reimagining demand management, the two-day conference will explore the significant changes underway across Victoria and what they mean for the sector.

    The program will include panel discussions, keynote presentations, and networking opportunities as well as the chance to hear from the health representatives of Victoria’s major parliamentary parties.

    Date: Thursday 16 and Friday 17 August.

    Location: MCG

    To register and for more information visit

    View the VHA Conference Program here. 

  • 06 Aug 2018 8:44 AM | Brett Jeffery (Administrator)

    Whiteboards for sale - all all all you NZSTA - Wellington and Christchurch

    New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) is changing the technology it’s using at present and as a result we have three whiteboards (with HP printers) available for sale.  Are you able to send out some sort of notice advertising that they are available.

    The asking price for the whiteboards is $575 ono. Two of the whiteboards are about three years old (both available in Wellington), one is a little less than two years old (available in Christchurch), and they are all in excellent condition.

    A picture of the whiteboards and the HP printers they come with is attached.  All of the whiteboards allow printing to hard copy (HP Printer) and to USB drive.

    Contact: Steve Williams, General Manager, Business Services – 
    New Zealand School Trustees Association
    Lambton Quay, Wellington
    Phone 04 4716411            Email:

    Office Space Available  - Auckland CBD 

    IBANZ has shared office space for six years with the Professional Advisers Association (PAA) which is merging into Financial Advice NZ.  And are keen to find a replacement organisation/association.The space is a total of 260sqm of which we occupy half.  There is a joint boardroom and kitchen plus utility room with some storage space.

    Anyone looking for office space in the Auckland CBD (Level 5, 280 Queen St), please feel free to be in contact. The space will be available in the next few weeks.

    Contact: Gary Young, chief executive officer
    Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand Inc
    Auckland - Central Business District
    Phone: 09 306 1734 Email:

  • 03 Aug 2018 7:16 AM | Brett Jeffery (Administrator)

    The Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre is a step closer to opening its doors now Rotorua Lakes Council has appointed an architect to carry out the work.
    Following a competitive detailed tender process, Council has appointed Shand Shelton to complete the design for the seismic strengthening and refurbishment of the building.

    The category one heritage building, situated in the heart of Rotorua’s CBD, closed in November last year, when a seismic assessment identified the building was earthquake prone. At the same time, a detailed business case had just been completed giving clear direction for changes needed to ensure optimal use of the centre for performing arts.

    Rotorua Lakes Council’s Arts and Culture manager, Stewart Brown, said the project team was impressed with Shand Shelton’s focus on improving and enhancing the spaces for performing arts – from acoustic design through to easy operation, flexibility of spaces and high quality theatre services. As a firm that specialises in theatre design, they also have an impressive track record of working in performing arts spaces and heritage buildings.

    “Key elements of the design which really stood out included Shand Shelton’s hugely respectful treatment of the building’s original heritage features, its strong use of wood throughout, and the way the team integrated and connected all the spaces with uniquely Rotorua stories,” said Mr Brown.

    “We are really confident, that when the project is completed, we will have a fantastic building where our local performing arts groups can showcase their talents, and a facility that will enable Rotorua to attract many of the top quality touring shows from around the country and internationally,” he said.

    The Sir Howard Morrison Centre stage one enhancements will include:
    •    upgrade of the Concert Chamber to a flexible performance space able to seat 100 to 300 people
    •    upgrade and extension of the Civic Theatre to 1,000 seats
    •    general refurbishment of the main foyer, Banquet Room, and other spaces
    •    refurbishment of the building exterior, and external landscaping and lighting

    Our design seeks to weave together the past and the future in wood, stone and glass. Working with iwi and whānau we hope to capture the spirit of Rotorua in a building that will resonate with performers and patrons alike.  We are cognisant of both the privilege and the responsibility a project like this entails,” says Roger Shand of Shand Shelton. 

    During the recent long term planning round, Rotorua Lakes Council agreed to commit $4.5million towards the seismic strengthening of the Sir Howard Morrison Centre, with the balance of funds for the project to be sourced externally. The project team has already had additional funding commitments of $6million and is working hard to reach the estimated stage one project cost of $18million.

    Earlier this year Sir Owen Glenn pledged $3million towards the project, Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust has committed $1.5million and New Zealand Community Trust has approved $750,000. Further commitments in principle totalling $750,000 have been received from a number of other trusts.

    The Shand Shelton concept design also included a further stage two option, to replace the curved Banquet Room with a built-for-purpose performance space, storage space, and truck dock. Stage two will only be undertaken if the additional estimated ­­funding of $4.8million can also be sourced externally.
    Since 2014, when the focus of use for the Sir Howard Morrison Centre changed from business events to performing arts, extensive consultation has taken place, particularly with existing and potential users of the venue.
    President of Rotorua Musical Theatre, Natasha Benfell, said 'As one of the biggest local users of the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre, we are looking forward to the continued progress Council are making to give us a safe and functional work space. We have attended, where possible, all of the discussions with Council and felt very included in the process and it has been a long one. An upgrade to provide the community with the best possible outcome has been an enormous project. We have tried to convey our personal requirements and hope that the end result will reflect a space we can all be proud of.’

    In addition to the stakeholder consultation, a business case was also completed, which explored a range of options for the investment in the development of the centre – from simple seismic strengthening to a complete rebuild.
    Information from the business case and the broad community and stakeholder engagement, has been key in both developing the design brief for the refurbishment, and also in the selection process for the successful concept design.
    The tender process, to select the architect, received nine expressions of interest, which were narrowed down to two companies. The two architects were asked to put forward concept designs for the Sir Howard Morrison Centre. The architects were asked to design a contemporary fit-for-purpose performing arts centre, reflecting Rotorua’s identity, with flexible spaces for both smaller niche productions through to large mainstream shows.

    The design phase is expected to take the remainder of this year with construction due to start in the first half of 2019.

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